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Liszt Ferenc: Studies I (Transcendental Études)

Liszt, Works for Piano Solo, Vol. 1

Edited by Gárdonyi Zoltán – Szelényi István
Setting: Piano
Series: Liszt, Works for Piano Solo
Period: Romantic
Language: English, German
Length: 132 pages
Format: 23 x 30 cm
Weight: 0.483 kg
Published: 1970
Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó
Item number: 5411
ISMN: 9790080054116
The history of Liszt's intensely virtuosic and unwaveringly popular Transcendental Etudes dates back to his 12 Etudes composed around 1826. Liszt later reworked 11 pieces of this not-so-technically-difficult series into virtuoso concert etudes, and replaced one of the etudes with a new piece. This version was published in 1837 under the name Grandes études. However, Liszt reworked these 12 ‚big’ etudes again: the final version of the series - in which, with two exceptions, the pieces were titled - was published in 1851 under the series title Études d’exécution transcendante.

Transcendental Etudes was the very first volume of the New Liszt Complete Critical Edition, and it was first published in 1970 based on the previous editions of the work. This edition includes footnotes highlighting common performance difficulties as well as English and German forewords, facsimiles, and critical notes in English.


R 2b, SW 139, NG2 A172
(a-moll - A minor - a-Moll)
R 2b, SW 139, NG2 A172
R 2b, SW 139, NG2 A172
R 2b, SW 139, NG2 A172
Feux follets - Irrlichter
R 2b, SW 139, NG2 A172
R 2b, SW 139, NG2 A172
R 2b, SW 139, NG2 A172
Wilde Jagd
R 2b, SW 139, NG2 A172
R 2b, SW 139, NG2 A172
(f-moll - F minor - f-Moll)
R 2b, SW 139, NG2 A172
Harmonies du soir
R 2b, SW 139, NG2 A172
R 2b, SW 139, NG2 A172
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