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Liszt Ferenc: Piano Concerto in A major (version for piano solo) and other works

Liszt, Works for Piano Solo, Supplementary vol. 15

Edited by Kaczmarczyk Adrienne
Setting: Piano
Series: Liszt, Works for Piano Solo, Supplementary volumes
Period: Romantic
Language: Hungarian, English, German
Length: 216 pages
Format: 23 x 30 cm
Published: January 2019
Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó
Item number: 14764
ISMN: 9790080147641
Supplementary Volume 15 of the New Liszt Edition contains both earlier versions of published works and also several works that remained as manuscript. The most extensive work in this volume is the earliest known draft of the Piano Concerto in A major (written in 1839 for solo piano). Not only does the draft give insight into the process of the work's genesis, but it also holds its own as a work for piano solo. Additionally, the volume contains several shorter works, such as a piano transcription of Robert Schumann's Lied Widmung, which shows how original Liszt's interpretations were, and also two early drafts of the Zweite Elegie dedicated to Lina Ramann (a former pupil of Liszt's and his first biographer). The latter have been published in facsimile.

Supplementary Volume 15 features a detailed preface in German, English and Hungarian, which reveals valuable details on each work. The cloth-bound version also has critical notes in English.


Piano Concerto in A Major - Version for Piano Solo
R 456, SW 125, NG2 H6, SH 524a
Album leaf
Élégie sur des motifs du Prince Louis de Prusse - 1st version
R 75, SW 168, NG2 A94, SH 168i
Liebeslied (Widmung) von Robert Schumann - Abridged version
R 253, SW 566, NG2 A133, SH 566a
2e Ballade - Early version
R 16, SW 171, NG2 A181, SH 170a
Danse des sylphes de La damnation de Faust de Hector Berlioz - 1st version
R 142, SW 475, NG2 A205, SH 474a
Vergessene Romanze - Romance oubliée - Early version
R 66b, SW 527, NG2 A299, SH 527bis
Fanfare zur Enthüllung des Carl-Augusts-Monuments
R (562), SW (92), NG2 A268, SH 542b
3. Mephisto-Walzer - 1st version
R 38, SW 216, NG2 A325, SH 215a
Appendix - Le carnaval de Venise
R 665, SW/SH 700, NG2 Q7
Appendix - Kavallerie-Geschwindmarsch
R 295, SW/SH 460, NG2 A330
Appendix - Fantasia on English Themes (Fragment)
R (98), SW (235), NG2 Q8, SH 694
Appendix - God save the Queen, Grande paraphrase de concert - Early version (Fragment)
R 98, SW 235, NG2 A76, SH 694b
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