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Liszt Ferenc: Free Arrangements XIII

Liszt, Free Arrangements and Transcriptions for Piano Solo, Vol. 13

Edited by Bozó Péter – Kaczmarczyk Adrienne
Setting: Piano
Series: Liszt, Free Arrangements and Transcriptions for Piano Solo
Period: Romantic
Language: English, German
Length: 192 pages
Format: 23 x 30 cm
Weight: 0.708 kg
Published: November 2005
Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó
Item number: 12402
ISMN: 9790080124024
Series I of the complete edition, launched in 1970 (original piano works for two hands, volumes 1-18), was completed in 1985, and with the publication of this volume of series II (transcriptions of works by other composers, volumes 1-24) comes to anend. The works contained in this volume are from Liszt's so-called 'late' period: the Finale de Don Carlos written in 1867 and Aida written in 1878, again based on a Verdi opera, and a further fifteen transcriptions written between these two junctures. Of these, Am stillen Herd, the Ballade, and Walhall are based on themes by Wagner. A Hungarian thread runs through Szép Ilonka (by Mihály Mosonyi), the Introduction and Hungarian March (Count Imre Széchényi), and the 5 Hungarian Folk Songs. Transcriptions of La Marseillaise (Rouget de Lisle), one song each by Gizycka-Zamoyska, Schumann, Bülow, and Spohr, two by Lassen, and finally dance pieces by Herbeck and Pezzini represent Liszt's artistic output of arrangements from this period. The appendix gives the early version of one of the Lassen transcriptions, Löse Himmel mein Seele.

Two versions of the edition are published, as is customary in a blue hard clothbound volume and in a soft paper bound volume. The preface, setting out the most important aspects of technique and substance, is identical in both versions, while the description of the sources and the critical commentary is in only the former version. At the beginning of both versions of the volume are reproductions of pages of Liszt's original manuscripts; more than being simply illustrations, these permit a deeper insight into excerpts of the works given.


Finale de Don Carlo de Verdi. Coro di festa - Marcia funebre
Fantaisie sur l'opéra hongrois 'Szép Ilonka' de Mosonyi
Tanzmomente von Johann Herbeck 1. (G-major - G-Dur)
Tanzmomente von Johann Herbeck 2. (A minor - a-Moll)
Tanzmomente von Johann Herbeck 3. (F-major - F-Dur)
Tanzmomente von Johann Herbeck 4. (A major - A-Dur)
Tanzmomente von Johann Herbeck 5. (F major - F-Dur)
Tanzmomente von Johann Herbeck 6. (D major - D-Dur)
Tanzmomente von Johann Herbeck 7. (G major - G-Dur)
Tanzmomente von Johann Herbeck 8. (D major - D-Dur)
La Marseillaise. Chant de guerra par Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle
Puszta-Wehmut - A puszta keserve von Ludmilla Gizycka-Zamoyska
'Am stillen Herd' Lied aus Richard Wagners 'Meistersinger'
Ballade aus der oper 'Der fliegende Holländer' von Richard Wagner
2 Lieder von Eduard Lassen 1. 'Ich weil' in tiefer Einsamkeit'
2 Lieder von Eduard Lassen 2. 'Löse, Himmel, meine Seele'
Frühlingsnacht. Lied von Robert Schumann
Bevezetés és magyar induló Gróf Széchényi Imrétől - Einleitung und ungarischer Marsch vom Graf Imre Széchényi
5 ungarische Volkslieder - 5 magyar népdal I. ('Csak titokban')
5 ungarische Volkslieder - 5 magyar népdal II. ('Jaj, beh szennyes')
5 ungarische Volkslieder - 5 magyar népdal III. ('Beh szomoru ez az élet')
5 ungarische Volkslieder - 5 magyar népdal IV. ('Beh! Sok falut')
5 ungarische Volkslieder - 5 magyar népdal V. ('Erdő, erdő, sűrű erdő')
Una stella amica. Polka mazurka di F. Pezzini
Dantes Sonett 'Tanto gentile e tanto onesta' von Hans von Bülow ('Wenn sie euch grüsst mit freundlicher Gebärde')
Walhall aus Richard Wagners 'Der Ring des Nibelungen'
Die Rose. Romanze von Louis Spohr
Aida di Giuseppe Verdi. Danza sacra e Duetto finale
'Löse, Himmel, meine Seele' - Lied von Eduard Lassen (1st version)

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