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Recorder Music for Beginners 1

Edited by Czidra László
Setting: Recorder and piano
Series: Music for Beginners
Genre: Pedagogical performance pieces
Language: Hungarian, English, German
Length: 56 pages
Format: K/4 (23,5x31)
Weight: 238 g
Published: April 1976
Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest
Item number: 7888
ISMN: 9790080078884
The present collection has been compiled for descant recorder. This instrument was ousted from use in the age of the Viennese Classics, and it has regained its rights only in the present century. This explains why the collection comprises-in addition to new Hungarian music-almost exclusively Renaissance and Baroque works. As it is well known, the masters of old times put down their works only "in outline", and the music has to be reconstructed by a practised performer. This collection is intended to help in assimilating the spirit of these old styles. All the old works are given here in both their original and ornamented variants. The ornamentations have been taken over from contemporaneous arrangements, and where none were available, we worked them out on the basis of contemporaneous performing practice. All the solutions serve only as suggestions; with his expanding stylistic knowledge the student himself should also boldly invent and extemporize ornamentation!


Ismeretlen szerző: Pavane 'Le forze d'Hercole'
Bono, P.: Basse dance 'La Magdalena'
Hove, J. van den: Canarie
Ismeretlen szerző: Gagliarda 'La gamba'
Ismeretlen szerző: Rondo
Ismeretlen szerző: Allemande
Tabulatura: Johannes de Lublin: Chorea
Tabulatura: Albertus Dlugoraj: Cantio polonica
Ismeretlen szerző (Codex Kájoni): Heyduck Dance
Ismeretlen szerző: English Folksong 'Watkins Ale'
Ismeretlen szerző: English Dance 'Kemp's Jig'
Ismeretlen szerző: English Folksong 'Bonny Sweet Robin'
Ismeretlen szerző: Ballett
Franck, Melchior: Intrada
Ismeretlen szerző (Codex Kájoni): Slow Dance
Ismeretlen szerző (Codex Kájoni): Leaping Dance
Händel, Georg Friedrich: Minuet
Corelli, Arcangelo: Sarabanda
Bach, Johann Sebastian: Minuet
Haydn, Joseph: Vivace 'Der Kaffeeklatsch'
Haydn, Joseph: Minuet
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Adagio
Sugár Rezső: Lullaby
Farkas Ferenc: Intermezzo
Farkas Ferenc: Scherzino
Kadosa Pál: Vivo
Petrovics Emil: Hungarian Folksongs
Szokolay Sándor: Teasing
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