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Cena: $175.00 (bez DPH)
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Balázs Árpád: Concertino

for concert band

score and parts

Nástroj: Concert Band
Inštrumentácia: picc, 4 fl1, 4 fl2, ob1, ob2, 4 cl1 Bb, 4 cl2 Bb, 4 cl3 Bb, 2 cl b Bb, fg1, fg2, 2 sax a Eb, 2 sax t Bb, sax bar Eb - 2 crnt1 Bb, 2 crnt2 Bb, 2 tr1 Bb, 2 tr2 Bb, 2 tr3 Bb, cor1, cor2, cor3, cor4, 2 trb1, 2 trb2, 2 trb3, 2 flic t Bb/C, 2 euf Bb/C, 2 euf Bb, 2 tb1, 2 tb2 - timp, tamb mil, ptti, gr c
Edičný rad: EMB Dychovy subor
Žáner: Band Music
Period: Sucasna hudba
Stupeň: 4
Trvanie: 8:35
Rozsah: 262 strán
Format: Bach (23 x 30,2 cm)
Prvé vydanie: Júla 2014
Vydavateľ: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Objednávacie číslo: 14909SET
Katalógové číslo vydavateľa: 14909
ISMN: 9790080305287
With its energetic impetus and imposing instrumentation, Concertino is certainly outstanding in the oeuvre of Árpád Balázs. Among his compositions for concert band, it is by far the most engaging and exacting work. Passing away and a will to live are simultaneously present in Concertino, which Árpád Balázs composed in memory of his beloved father. Its structure brings Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsodies to mind: its solemn opening, which returns at the end,is followed by a slow and a fast movement. The funereal music of the slow movement evolves from a motif of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion with enormous intensification equal to the lament in Grieg’s Peer Gynt. It is difficult to imagine a dramatic incandescence with a higher degree of heat. The heartbeat-imitating timpani features significantly at the beginning and the end of the funereal music. The fast movement represents resolution, resignation and regainedgaiety. This part, pulsating like a waltz and echoing the modulation technique of Richard Strauss, is followed by the solemn return of the opening chords.Whether playing or listenting to this tremendously soul-stirring music, you will all encounter a dramatic experience.