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Hidas Frigyes: Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra

piano score

Instrument: Oboe and Piano
Perioada: 20th Century
Limba: Hungarian
Intindere: 68 pagini
Format: A/4
Greutate: 0.208 kg
Publicat pentru prima data: 1955
Editor: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Numar articol: 1852
ISBN: 9790080018521
It’s quite rare when a composer’s diploma work becomes a successful, popular piece even after 70 years. Frigyes Hidas’ (1928╩2007) Oboe Concerto, written in 1951, is a work that Péter Pongrácz, Lajos Lencsés, and many other Hungarian and foreign oboists gladly add to their concert programs. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what stylistic conventions helped to form the musical language of the Oboe Concerto: the three-movement form is suggestive of Viennese Classicism, and Hungarian motifs of the era can also be detected here and there. However, the main influences can be felt from the Neoclassicism of the 1920s and 1930s, the Baroque era, and the French woodwind school. As with all of his musical creations, Hidas demonstrates here that he is a master of instrumental knowledge, consideration towards his works’ performers, and tasteful moderation.

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