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Offprints from Béla Bartók's Choral Works for children's and and female voices
Upper Voices
Upper Voices
Upper Voices
Upper Voices
Offprints from the new Kodály: Mixed Voices Collection
These separate editions are all featured within the revised 2019 collection of Kodály: Choral Works for Mixed Voices.
Mixed Voices
Mixed Voices
Mixed Voices
Mixed Voices
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New Urtext edition of Bartók’s complete choral works

12. marca 2021

A new Urtext edition of Béla Bartók’s complete choral works was launched in March 2021. The three-volume edition is based on volume 9 of the Béla Bartók Complete Critical Edition (Z. 15009), a joint publication of G. Henle Verlag, Munich, and Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó. The lyrics in this edition are in the original languages and in the translations authorized by the composer. Literal English translations are provided in the appendix, which also includes early and alternative versions of the works.

Our edition is distinguished by absolute authenticity regarding both the musical text and the style of notation, as well as superior engraving and print quality. The edition is complete with informative prefaces (in Hungarian, English, and German) and detailed Editorial Comments (in Hungarian and English). The Comments give an overview of the textual, folk-music, and compositional sources, and provide detailed information on the performance practice of Bartók’s choral works.

The volumes have been printed on high-quality and environmentally-friendly paper.

The three volumes are available in two formats: paperback and clothbound. The paperback editions can be bought separately, while the clothbound volumes are available only together in a slipcase.

Each work included in these volumes will also be published separately during the following months.

Offprints from the new Kodály Collection

27. marca 2020
Zoltán Kodály’s complete choral works for mixed voices were published in a new, extended, edition in 2018 (Z. 6725 and Z. 6725A). The publication features new, easily-legible music scores edited on uniform principles. For better readability, the new edition is printed in a slightly larger format than previous editions. 

Separate edition offprints from the renewed edition of Kodály Choral Works for Mixed Voices are being published. Their format is identical to that of the complete volume, and they are printed on excellent-quality pale-yellow paper.

Vypocujte si zborovu hudbu madarskych skladatelov

28. marca 2018
Vypocujte si ukazky z diel, pri ktorych sa nachadza tato znacka.

Europa Cantat festival

1. septembra 2015

The great choral festival EUROPA CANTAT was held this year in Pécs, Hungary, on 24 July to 2 August. The event is justifiably well known worldwide for its standard and its inspiring atmosphere. The festival, held every three years in a different country, presents a colorful cavalcade of programs for those attending it to choose from. The choral festival offered almost 50 workshops for singers, as well as special events for conductors, composers, and the youngest age group of little children.

Editio Musica Budapest, as a partner in EUROPA CANTAT, has published the festival song book, and the scores required by the chorus members for workshops can also be ordered through us. We contributed to the musical expo an exhibition featuring our own catalog and representing several publishers from all over the world.

Presentation and round table discussion at the Béla Bartók Choir Competition

15. júla 2014
During the 26th Béla Bartók International Choir Competition (31 July – 3 August, 2014) our publishing house and Kontrapunkt Music Publishing Ltd would like to welcome you to a special event in addition to their traditional exhibition and sheet music fair. Staff members of the publishing houses will talk with composers about new compositions, music publishing and the concert life of choirs at a music round-table talk in the Gallery of the Kölcsey Centre at 4 p.m. on Saturday, 2 August. The choir Lautitia will perform choral works by participating composers, such as Máté Bella, Miklós Csemiczky, Péter Tóth and János Vajda.

During the competition you will be able to browse through the publishers’ sheet music publications while sipping your coffee in the Club of Scores, and will be able to meet and talk with composers and have them sign their published works.
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