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EUROPA CANTAT 2015 - Hung(a)ry for singing!

EMB is the authorised distributor of printed music for the Europa Cantat 2015 workshops. Participants can purchase their music via our webshop. Please sign up and choose "Buy online directly from us" on the "Delivery method" form. (These publications are not available through our local dealers and distributors.)

  • You can buy the published works from our webshop.
  • Some works are available for downloading with the permission of the copyright holder.
  • Some public domain works are available for downloading from other websites
  • There are works that need to be ordered from the original publisher.

A1 Sing, Dance and Play / László DURÁNYIK (children's choir)
A3 Mare Nostrum / Daniel MESTRE (female choir)
A4 Groovy Ladies / Bonnie DENISE (female choir)
A5 Singing Sommelier – Cheers! / Ivars CINKUSS (male choir)
A6 Traditional, Popular and Contemporary African Music / Ambroise Kua-Nzambi TOKO
(mixed youth choir)
A7 Film Sounds! And ... Action! / Markus DETTERBECK (mixed youth choir)
A8 Sounding Computers / Markus DETTERBECK (mixed youth choir)
A9 Gulash Party / Robert HOMEN (mixed choir)
A10 Stunning Baroque / Adrián Rodríguez Van der SPOEL (mixed choir)
A12 Old-School Musicals / Andreas FELBER (mixed choir)
A13 Top Hits! From Renaissance to Rock / Alessandro CADARIO (mixed choir)
A14 Directly from Heaven: Spirituals / Avis Denise GRAVES (mixed choir)
B1 Let the Children Come to Me / Josep VILA HOVER (children's choir)
B2 Nordic-Baltic Heritage / Kadri HUNT (children's choir)
B3 Experiment Music / Yoshihisa Matthias KINOSHITA (girls' choir)
B5 The Book of Psalms / Cecilia MARTIN-LÖF (female choir)
B6 Mysteries / Basilio ASTULEZ (female choir)
B7 Create it - Sing it! / Jonathan RATHBONE (mixed youth choir) 
B8 You Got Rhythm! – Use Your Body and Voice / Marleen ANNEMANS & Richard FILZ (mixed youth choir)
B9 CHOREGIE – a progressive and innovative choral art form / Karmina ŠILEC (mixed youth choir)
B11 Roots and Fruits of Folklore / Svetlana KRSTIĆ & Soma SZABÓ (mixed choir)
B13 Roads from Flanders to Venice / Dario TABBIA (mixed choir)
B14 Masters and Students / Tomislav FAČINI (mixed choir)
B15 A Romantic Adventure: Choir-Symphonic Sounds / Martina BATIC, Csaba SOMOS (mixed choir)
B16 Vesperae Russica / Aleksei PETROV (mixed choir)
B17 Bartók and Mokranjac / Bojan SUĐIČ & KERTÉSZ Attila (mixed choir)
B19 Music of the North / Dani JURIS (mixed choir)
B21 Buchenberg: Mass with Big Band / Matthias BECKERT (mixed choir)
B22 One Spicy Night... / Dominique TILLE (mixed choir)
B23 Five Days That Changed The World / Bob CHILCOTT (mixed choir)
B24 Sur! Pasión Latina / Virginia BONO (mixed choir)
C2 Orbán: Mass No. 6. / GRÁF Zsuzsanna (girls' choir)
C5 Kodály: Missa brevis / ERDEI Péter (mixed choir)
C7 Prayers of the 20th Century – Prayers of Our Time / KOLLÁR Éva (mixed choir)
C8 Rhythm. Energy. Optimism. / Robert SUND (mixed choir)
C9 Cool Notes / Thierry LALO &Johan ROOZE (mixed choir)
C12 Masterclass for Vocal Ensembles with Singer Pur (vocal ensemble)
D1 Bach: Mass in B minor / Georg GRÜN (national youth choir)
D2 Double Choir / Daniel REUSS (national youth choir)
D4 Shakespeare in Music / Brady ALLRED (national youth choir)