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Szőnyi Erzsébet: Musical Reading and Writing 1

Pupil's Book (Lessons 1-30)

Translated by Halápy Lili, Russell-Smith, Geoffry
Instrument: Solfege
Serie: The Kodály Concept Library
Gen: Music theory
Limba: English
Intindere: 64 pagini
Format: B/5 (17x24)
Greutate: 0.122 kg
Publicat pentru prima data: 1972
Editor: Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó
Numar articol: 6718
ISBN: 9790080067185
Zoltán Kodály conceived and realized the education for youngsters on the basis of the singing. Nevertheless he also kept in mind the education of those who were engaged in studying instruments. He even composed small pieces for beginners on the piano (Twenty-four Small Canons on Black Keys, Children's Dances) and he encouraged his disciples to compose exercises, instrumental tutors, and performance pieces for instruments in this spirit.

Thus, on the inspiration of the Kodály Concept, a series of tutors and performance pieces were written; this contribution to the new Hungarian method of music education is intended to open new possibilities and improve the general level of musical appreciation.

Our publications are compiled predominantly from Hungarian material: nevertheless Kodály's principles have been applied also to teaching music all around the world.

The Kodály Concept Library
The Kodály Concept Library consists of carefully selected works representing Zoltán Kodály's musical and pedagogical principles, as well as their practical application in the most authentic way. The selection has been made by professors of the Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music, Kecskemét, Hungary.
Music Theory
Music Theory
Music Theory
Music Theory
Music Theory

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