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Balázs Árpád: Selected Choral Works

for Mixed Voices

sheet music

Nástroj: Mixed Voices
Žáner: Zborove diela (Sucasna madarska hudba
Period: Sucasna hudba
Jazyk: Hungarian
Rozsah: 100 strán
Prvé vydanie: Augusta 2022
Vydavateľ: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Objednávacie číslo: 15200
ISMN: 9790080152003
To celebrate the 85th birthday of Árpád Balázs, a selection of his rich output of choral music has been published. Árpád Balázs is an outstanding artist of his generation who is known and sung not only in Hungary. His compositional technique is unmistakably individual, characterised by a festoon of easily singable "outer-inner" voices that embrace one another, and a linear thinking deriving from Palestrina through Kodály. Even as a young composer, he was active in the choral scene both in Hungary and internationally. He sensed the basic principles of singability and applied them consciously, and he spoke in a musical language comprehensible to singing communities. Imbued with the spirit of Kodály, raised on Ferenc Farkas's excellent school, with experience gained at masterclasses by Khachaturian and Petrassi, with his oeuvre he has significantly contributed to the flourishing of the Hungarian culture of vocal music, and to its success in Hungary and abroad.


Arany János: Four Autumn Sketces (Varations on a Season) - Beautiful Autumn
Váci Mihály: Four Autumn Sketces (Varations on a Season) - Song on the Water
Vasvári István: Four Autumn Sketces (Varations on a Season) - Moment
Simon István: Four Autumn Sketces (Varations on a Season) - Magic
Spring Wind Swells the Water
Hungarian folk song
Heine, Heinrich – Vidor Miklós: Three Mixed Choruses for Mixed Voices on European Classics - O Sea!
Burns, Robert – Szabó Lőrinc: Three Mixed Choruses for Mixed Voices on European Classics - John Anderson My Jo
Lothár László – Puskin, Alekszandr: Three Mixed Choruses for Mixed Voices on European Classics - Toast
Csokonai Vitéz Mihály: Hungarians! The Day Is Breaking!
Weöres Sándor: Music of the Stars - Four Choral Songs
Lődi Ferenc: Two Choruses for Mixed Voices - Butterfly Dance
Lődi Ferenc: Two Choruses for Mixed Voices - You Could Have Been
MEMENTO - Choral Suite, I. Praeludium - Shouting Without Words
MEMENTO - Choral Suite, II. Recitativo - On European Highways (in the memory of the deported)
MEMENTO - Choral Suite, III. Arietta - Roses of Lidice
MEMENTO - Choral Suite, IV. Choral - In the Woods of Sachsenhausen (a song from the death camp of Sachsenhausen)
MEMENTO - Choral Suite, V. Postludium - Shouting with Words
Shelley, Percy Bysshe – Szabó Lőrinc: Two Pastells - I. A Lament
Radnóti Miklós – Shelley, Percy Bysshe: Two Pastells - II. Song
Juhász Gyula: Three Choruses - I. Song
Juhász Gyula: Three Choruses - II. A Spring Scene
Juhász Gyula: Three Choruses - III. Carillon
Motets - Te Deum laudamus
Motets - O Maria
Motets - Mater amata
Tóth Árpád: Oh, Nicolete (from a medieval French chantefable)
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