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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: MOZART'S CHILDHOOD

Short piano pieces

Sheet music and download code

Compiled, fingering, notes, phrasing and expression marks by Hernádi Lajos
Played by Dominkó István
Instrument: Piano
Gen: Pedagogical performance pieces
Limba: Hungarian, English, German
Intindere: 28 pagini
Format: Bach (23 x 30,2 cm)
Greutate: 0.1 kg
Publicat pentru prima data: 1951
Editor: Editio Musica Budapest
Numar articol: 51
ISBN: 9790080000519
The small piano pieces published here can be divided into two groups. Some of them were composed by Mozart himself between the ages of 6 and 8 years. Others are to be found in booklets, known as the Notenbüchlein, compiled by Mozart's father Leopold Mozart for his children Wolfgang and Marianne (''Nannerl''), and the composers names are not given. In any case, they must have been by German masters living in the mid-18th century.

Audio performances by István Dominkó, artist and piano teacher are available. (Download code included in the book)

This publication is printed on high-quality, age-resistant paper that is produced in an environmentally-friendly, climate-neutral manner using renewable raw materials.

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Menuet, C major / C-Dur / C-dúr (Nannerl Notenbuch No. 1)
Menuet, G-major / G-Dur / G-dúr (Nannerl Notenbuch No. 4)
Menuet, F major / F-Dur / F-dúr (Nannerl Notenbuch No. 5)
Menuet, G-major / G-Dur / G-dúr ( KV 1e, Nannerl Notenbuch No. 62)
Andante, E-flat major / Es-Dur / Esz-dúr (KV 15mm, London Sketchbokk No. 37)
Menuet, D major / D-Dur / D-dúr (KV 7, Nannerl Notenbuch No. 47)
Menuet I, C major / C-Dur / C-dúr (KV 6, Nannerl Notenbuch No. 26)
Menuet II, F major / F-Dur / F-dúr (KV 6, Nannerl Notenbuch No. 48)
Menuet, C major / C-Dur / C-dúr (Notenbüchlein für Wolfgang 1762, Suite XXIV)
Menuet, C major / C-dur / C-dúr (Notenbüchlein für Wolfgang 1762, Suite III)
Menuet, B-flat major / B-Dur / B-dúr (KV 15pp, London Sketchbook No. 40)
Air, E-flat major /Es-Dur / Esz-dúr (KV 15qq, London Sketchbook No. 41)
Passepied, D major / D-Dur / D-dúr (Notenbüchlein für Wolfgang 1762, Suite VI)
Allegro, G major / G-Dur / G-dúr (Nannerl Notenbuch No. 41)
Air, A-flat major / As-Dur / Asz-dúr (KV 15ff, London Sketchbook No. 31)
Contredanse, G major / G-Dur / G-dúr (KV 15e, London Sketchbook No. 5)
Musette, C major / C-Dur / C-dúr (Notenbüchlein für Wolfgang 1762, Suite V)
Menuet, C minor / c-Moll / c-moll (Notenbüchlein für Wolfgang 1762, Suite IV)
Allegretto, F major / F-Dur / F-dúr (KV 15a, (London Sketchbook No. 1)
Presto, B-flat major / B-Dur / B-dúr (KV 15ll, London Skatchbook No. 36)
Rondo, D major / D-Dur / D-dúr (KV 15d, London Sketchbook No. 4)
Rondo, F major / F-Dur / F-dúr (KV 15hh, London Sketchbook No. 33)