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A Panorama of Songs 1/a

Easy songs from four centuries in six languages for high voice

Sheet music and download code

Compiled and edited by Hegedüs Gönczy Katalin
Instrument: Voice and piano
Limba: English-French-German-Hungarian-Russian-Spanish
Intindere: 96 pagini
Format: A/4
Greutate: 0.308 kg
Publicat pentru prima data: Martie 2019
Editor: Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó
Numar articol: 20006
ISBN: 9790080200063
A Panorama of Songs fills a want that has been felt for decades. A selection of songs in six European languages from the 16th to the mid-20th century encompassing every musical period, it seeks to help beginner-level students of voice teachers and répétiteurs, and foremost the singers themselves. The series brings a breath of fresh air and new works to the conventional Lied repertoire, truly offering a new panorama. Using the means of modern technology it also provides immense help in learning and performing the songs.

The three volumes of the series are arranged by level of difficulty, and all of them are available for high and low voices ("a" volumes for high voices, "b" volumes for low voices). Each volume is a complete unit in itself, including all six languages (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish) and presenting a cross-section of styles from the early Baroque to the 20th century. Interpretation of the songs is facilitated by literal English and Hungarian translations of their texts, and the reading of the Cyrillic script is assisted by transliteration (again in English and Hungarian). Ornamentation suggestions for the performance of the Baroque works are also included.

The printed music is accompanied by additional useful material to help the learning process, available online at The website contains the piano accompaniments of all of the songs, as well as all the original texts recited by native speakers.

The editor of the A Panorama of Songs series kindly welcomes any feedback, comments, or questions at the following email address:

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  • 20006 Dalszövegek - Words (34.5 MB)
  • 20006 Egyszerűsített zongorakiséret - Simplified piano part (108.4 kB)
  • 20006 Zongorakiséret - Piano accompaniment (71.9 MB)
  • A hat nyelv kiejtési szabályai - pdf (HU).zip (580.4 kB)
You can access the digital contents with a code you'll find in the printed publication.
Activate code here: My downloads


Folk song -The Minstrel's Request
Folk song - There was a jolly miller
Monsigny, Pierre-Alexandre – La Harpe, Jean-Francois de: Oh, my gentle musette
Frescobaldi, Girolamo: A proud look from Licori
Cavalli, Francesco – Minato, Nicolo: Sighs of Fire
Stradella, Alessandro: Thus, Love, you make me languish
Perti, Giacomo Antonio: I should not hope
Haydn, Franz Joseph – Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim: The Praise of Laziness (HOB. XXVIa:22)
Haydn, Franz Joseph – Hunter, Anne: Sailor's Song (HOB. XXVIa:31)
Zelter, Carl Friedrich – Tieck, Johann Ludwig: Autumn Song
Bishop, Sir Henry Rowley – Bayly, Thomas Haynes: Oh, no, we never mention her!
Bellini, Vincenzo: To tremble of distress
Glinka, Mihail Ivanovics – Puskin, A.: My blood is burning with desire
Schumann, Clara – Heine, Heinrich: They once loved each other (Op. 13 no. 2)
Saint-Saëns, Camille – Saint-Saëns, Camille: Guitars and Mandolins
Bizet, Georges – Carré, Michel: Serenade
Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich – Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich: With the doll (The Nursery, no. 4)
Tosti, Francesco Paolo – Cesareo, Giovanni Alfredo: Serenade
Kienzi, Wilhelm – Vogelweide, Walther von der: The Discreet Nightingalie
Puccini, Giacomo: My house, my house (SC 79)
Puccini, Giacomo – Fucini, Renato: And the little Bird (SC 71)
Mahler, Gustav: Strong Imagination
Rachmaninov, Sergey Vasilyevich – Beketova, Ekaterina Andreyevna: Lilacs (Op. 21 no. 5)
Garcia Lorca, Federico: Let us rise up
Garcia Lorca, Federico: Sevillian Women of the 18th Century
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