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Cena: $28.45 bez VAT
Dostępność online: In stock
Dostępność sklepu: Dostępny

Trios for flutes

score and parts

Selected, transcribed and edited by Kovács Imre – Zempléni László
Instrument: Flutes
Seria: Musica da camera for music schools
Rodzaj: Pedagogical performance pieces
Język: Hungarian, English, German, French
Zasięg: 64 stron
Format: Bach (23 x 30,2 cm)
Waga: 0.268 kg
Pierwsze wydanie: Marca 2006
Wydawca: Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó
Numer katalogowy: 14473
ISMN: 9790080144732
Editio Musica Budapest is launching a new series entitled Musica da camera. As its very general title indicates, the publishers' intention is that the volumes in this series, which is designed specifically for music school students, will include works composed for chamber ensembles of every kind, from the trio to the sextet. The first two volumes contain mostly transcriptions for three and four flutes respectively, selected from every period of music history from the late Renaissance to the present day.


Arcadelt, Jacob: Madrigal ("Nous voyons que les hommes")
Le Jeune, Claude: Chanson ("Le beau du monde")
Frescobaldi, Girolamo: Canzona (Il primo libro delle canzoni, 1628)
Lully, Jean-Baptiste: Menuet (Idylle sur la paix)
Fischer, Johann Caspar Ferdinand: Gavotte
Fischer, Johann Caspar Ferdinand: March
Fux, Johann Joseph: Allegro
Schmikerer, Josef Abraham: Round Dance
Telemann, Georg Philipp: Passepied (Ouverture a-Moll, TWV 55)
Telemann, Georg Philipp: Menuet (Ouverture a-Moll, TWV 55)
Graupner, Christoph: Rondeau (Ouverture G-Dur)
Händel, Georg Friedrich: Menuet
Anonymous: ABCD
Giardini, Felice de: Viva tutte le vezzose
Haydn, Franz Joseph: Cassationsstück (12 Cassations-Stücke Nr. 6, Hob. XII:19)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Notturno ("Due pupille amabile", K. 439)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Notturno ("Luci care, luci belle", K. 346)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Fuga (Attwood-Studien, K. 506a)
Zelter, Carl Friedrich: Hustle and Bustle
Smetana, Bedrich: My Star
Smetana, Bedrich: Return of the Swallows
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicolai: Golden Cloud
Sugár Rezső: Evening
Sugár Rezső: Spring Song
Zempléni László: Three Christmas Carols
Horváth Balázs: The Three Brothers
Musica da camera
"Musica da camera" is a series which was compiled with music schools in mind. Many of the works contained in it are transcriptions which have been adapted to the technical conditions and character of a given instrument. However, even the easiest pieces demonstrate a great deal of musical value. The series features twelve volumes containing trios and quartets for various instrumentations. Among these, five volumes are designed for groups consisting of one type of instrument (i.e., arrangements for 3 or 4 flutes, 3 violins, 3 guitars, and 3 or 4 French horns respectively).

Trios for flutes

Quartets for flutes

Editio Musica Budapest is launching a new series entitled Musica da camera. As its very general title indicates, the publishers' intention is that the volumes in this series, which is designed…
Editio Musica Budapest is launching a new series entitled Musica da camera. As its very general title indicates, the publishers' intention is that the volumes in this series, which is designed…

Trios for Guitars

Chamber music for percussion

The new volume in the Musica da camera series has been compiled for a relatively rare type of ensemble, three guitars. This collection spanning the 16th-19th centuries contains not only madrigals by…
This volume is exceptional within the series, these original compositions for percussion include only contemporary works, to be precise, four works by three composers, for four, five and six…

Trios for Brass

Trios for Violins

The chamber music volume compiled by the well-known wind instrument teacher, Péter Perényi, contains music from every period from medieval music to jazz, including works by Morley, Banchieri,…
One of EMB’s most successful composers and publishers, András Soós, has devoted his latest volume to a special instrumental ensemble: three violins. No original works appear in it, in this…

Quartets for Brass

Piano Trios

This volume contains mainly transcriptions, the majority of them from four-part choral works, these transcriptions have been prepared by the highly experienced teacher of brass instruments, Péter…
This volume of works by the Viennese classical and romantic composers contains only transcriptions, and only from pieces for the piano. In most cases the right hand part is played on the violin,…

Trios for two violins and cello

Quartets for Woodwinds

This volume in the Musica da Camera series offers a selection of music for two violins and cello from the two hundred years extending from François Couperin to Edward Elgar. The technical demands of…
In this volume the compiler's aim has been to offer young woodwind players the most colourful selection possible of pieces of differing character from different musical periods. The same quest for…

Trios for flute, cello and piano

Trios and quartets for horns

The flute is one of the most popular music school instruments, so after his volume of trios for violin, cello and piano the composer and arranger András Soós has now produced one devoted to flute…
In the last volume in this popular chamber music series trios and quartets feature in roughly equal proportions. Every piece includes a more easily playable part, so that not only music school pupils…

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