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Tutaj możesz wybrać dzieła interesującego Cię kompozytora na konkretny instrument. Najpierw wybierz instrument, potem nazwisko kompozytora.

Możesz także użyć opcji wyszukiwania zaawansowanego, którą znajdziesz w lewym górnym rogu tej strony.

Fortepian Fortepiany Piano Duet Piano 6 hands Piano eight hands Piano Accompaniment Klawesyn Organy Keyboard Electric Organ Akordeon Akordeony Skrzypce Skrzypce Skrzypce i fortepian Skrzypce i BC Skrzypce i fortepian Altówka Violas Altówka i fortepian Viola da gamba Wiolonczela solo Violoncellos Wiolonczela i fortepian Kontrabas Double Bass (2 or more) Kontrabas i fortepian Gitara Gitary Guitar and various instruments Guitar and piano Lutnia Ukelele Mandoline Bouzouki, Mandolin Mandoline and piano Mandoline and various instruments Banjo Harfa Harps Harfa i fortepian Harp and various instruments Harp and string orchestra Cimbalom Cimbaloms Cimbalom and Piano Flet Flutes Flet i fortepian Flute and guitar Flutes and Piano Flute and Other Instrument(s) Piccolo Alto Flute Bass flute Piccolo and piano Fife Flet prosty Recorder (soprano) Recorder (alto) Recorder (tenor) Recorder (bass) Two or More Recorders Recorder and piano Recorders and piano Tin whistle Obój Oboes Obój i fortepian More Oboes and Piano Klarnet Klarnet i fortepian More Clarinets More Clarinets and Piano Alto Clarinet Bass-Clarinet English Horn (Cor Anglais) English Horn and piano Tárogató Saksofon Saxophone (more) Saksofon i fortepian Saxophone (alto) Saxophone (soprano) Saxophone (tenor) Saxophone (bariton) Bassoon Bassoons Bassoon and Piano Horn Horns Horn and Piano Horn (alto) and piano Flugelhorn Tenorhorn Tenor horn and piano Trumpet Trumpets Trumpet and Piano Trombone Trombones Trombone and piano Trombone and various instruments Tenor Trombone Tenor Trombone and Piano Bass Trombone Bass Trombone and piano euphonium and piano Tuba Tuba and Piano Bass-Tuba and piano Baritone Baritone and Piano Melody Instrument and Basso Continuo Perkusja Percussion and Piano Mallet percussion Marimba Wibrafon Xylophone Timpani Drums Snare Drum Panflute Bagpipe Other Folk Instruments String Duo String Trio String Quartet String Quintet String Sextet String Ensemble Chamber Music for Strings Three violins and violoncello Chamber Music for Strings and Piano Violin Ensemble Duos for Wind Instruments Wind Trio Wind Quartet Wind Quintet Chamber Music for Woodwind Ensemble Chamber Music for Winds and Piano Horns / Winds Brass Duo Brass Trio Brass Quartet Brass Quintet Brass Sextet Brass Septet Percussion Ensemble Wind: Classical Repertoire Mixed Chamber Duo Mixed Chamber Trio Mixed Chamber Quartet Mixed Chamber Quintet Mixed Chamber Sextet Mixed Chamber Octet Mixed Chamber Nonette, Score Chamber Music for Mixed Ensemble Chamber Music for Percussion Instruments Piano Trio (piano, violin, violoncello) piano quartet (piano, violin, viola, cello) Organ and various instruments Piano and Guitar Violin and various instruments Viola and various instruments Violoncello and various instruments Violoncello and cimbalom Double Bass and various instruments Recorder and other instruments Recorder and guitar Oboe and various instruments Clarinet and various instruments Saxophone quartet Bassoon and various instruments Trumpet and various instruments Two melody instruments and continuo Chamber Ensemble Flexible ensemble Chamber Orchestra Chamber Music with Voice Chamber Ensemble and Choir Głos Głos i fortepian Głos i fortepian Głos i fortepian Vocal: Soprano Vocal: soprano and piano Vocal: Mezzo-Soprano Vocal: mezzosoprano and piano Vocal: Alto Vocal: Alto and piano Vocal: Tenor Vocal: tenor and piano Vocal: Baritone Vocal: Baritone and piano Vocal: Bass-Baritone Vocal: Bass Vocal: Bass and piano Voice and Orgue Voice and various instruments Voice and Guitar Vocal and Guitar TAB Voice and Recorder Voice with Accords Vocal & Percussion Oratorios Hungarian Children's Songs Collections of Songs Voice and Piano / Hungarian Song Words of Hungarian Songs Upper Voices Upper Voices and Accompaniment Upper Voices Collection Children's Choir Children's Choir and Accompaniment Children's Choir Collection Mixed voices (boys SAB) Chóry mieszane Mixed Voices and Accompaniment Mixed Voices Collection 2-Part Choir Lower Voices Lower Voices and Accompaniment Upper Voices or Mixed Voices Upper Voices or Mixed Voices and Accompaniment Vocal Ensemble Muzyka chóralna Choir - three parts Chór i fortepian Chór i instrument Choir and chamber orchestra Choir and orchestra Chor and Solo(s) Voice, choir and orchestraVoice, choir and orchestra Muzyka chóralna (pop) Educational publication Music Theory Solfege Manual Biografie Biografie (pop) Music Technology: Music Technology Books Album with pictures Facsimile Books Classroom Materials Books (Faber) Orchestra Symphony Orchestra String Orchestra Piano and orchestra Violin and orchestra Viola and orchestra Violoncello and orchestra Flute and orchestra Oboe and orchestra Clarinet and orchestra Bassoon and orchestra Brass instrument and orchestra Voice and orchestra Stage Works Opera Opera full scores Librettos of operas Oratorium Vocal Score School Orchestra Symphonic Wind Band Concert Band Marching Band Brass Band Orchestral parts Stringsets Harpsichord part Basso continuo Vl.1 part Vl.2 part Vl.1/2 part Vl.3 part Vl.4 part Viola part Vla.1 part Vla.2 part Vla.3 part Vlc. part Vlc.2 part Vlc.3 part Double Bass part Bassi (Vlc./Cb.) part Bassi (Vlc./Cb./Bassoon) part String set of parts: V1/V2/Va/Vc Fl.1 part Ob.1 part Ob.2 part Ob.3 part Cor.1 part Trb.1 part Trb.2 part Trb.3 part Wind parts Timpani part Conc. Piano (pop, rock) Piano (jazz, latin) Piano: TV, Film & Show Piano: Religious & Gospel Gitara Guitar Tab Guitar (jazz) Gitara basowa Steel Guitar C instrument (with piano) B flat Instrument E flat Instrument Bb, Es or C instrument Harmonica Drumset Drums and Percussion Latin and Afro- Percussion Cajon Djembe Bodypercussion Vocal: Pop Music Vocal: Jazz Vocal: TV, Film & Show Vocal with guitar chord shapes Piano-Vocal-Guitar (PVG) Piano-Vocal-Guitar (PVG) Piano-Vocal-Guitar (PVG) Pop Music, Voice and Piano Pop Music, Voice and Piano Pop Music, Voice and Accords Melody/Chords/Lyrics Text with chords Pop Hit's Text Jazz ensemble Big Band Flexible Band STANDARD ALBUMS: GR. & PERS. Primary Songbooks Music-paper Desk Calendar Poster Wall calendar Kifestőkönyv Greating Card Music Accessories Catalogue CD
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