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Piano Pianos - deux Piano 4 mains Piano 6 mains Piano 8 mains Piano Accompaniment Clavecin Orgue Keyboard Orgue electrique Accordeon Accordeons Violon Violons Violon et piano Violon et B.C. Violons et piano Alto Altos Alto et piano Viola da gamba Violoncelle Violoncelles Violoncelle et piano Contrebasse Contrebasses (2 ou plus) Contrebasse et piano Guitare Guitares Guitare et instruments divers Guitare et piano Lute Ukelele Mandoline Mandoline, Bouzouki Mandoline et piano Mandoline et instruments variés Banjo Harpe Harpes Harpe et piano Harpe et instruments divers Harpe et orchestre de cordes Cimbalom Cimbaloms Cimbalom et piano Flute traversiere Flutes (2 ou plus) Flute et piano Flute et guitare Flutes et piano Flute et instruments divers Piccolo Alto Flute Bass flute Piccolo et piano Fife Flute a bec Flute a bec soprano Flute a bec alto Flute a bec tenor Flute a bec basso Flutes a bec (2 ou plus) Flute a bec et piano Flutes a bec et piano Tin whistle Hautbois Hautbois (2 ou plus) Hautbois et piano Hautbois (plus) et piano Clarinette Clarinette et piano Clarinettes Clarinettes et piano Clarinette alto Bass-Clarinet Cor anglais Cor anglais et piano Tárogató Saxophone Saxophones (2 ou plus) Saxophone et piano Saxophone alto Saxophone soprano Saxophone tenor Saxophone baritone Basson 2 bassons ou plus Basson et piano Cor Cors Cor et piano Horn (alto) and piano Flugelhorn Tenorhorn Tenor horn and piano Trompette Trompettes Trompette et piano Trombone Trombones Trombone et piano Trombone et instruments divers Tenor Trombone Tenor Trombone and Piano Bass Trombone Bass Trombone and piano euphonium and piano Tuba Tuba and Piano Bass-Tuba and piano Baritone Baritone and Piano Melody Instrument and Basso Continuo Percussions Percussions et piano Mallet percussion Marimba Vibraphone Xylophone Timbales Batterie Batterie (snare drum) Panflute Bagpipe Instruments de folklore Duos Trios Quators Quintettes Sextuors Ensemble a cordes Chamber Music for Strings Three violins and violoncello Chamber Music for Strings and Piano Ensemble de violons Duos for Wind Instruments Wind Trio Wind Quartet Wind Quintet Chamber Music for Woodwind Ensemble Chamber Music for Winds and Piano Horns / Winds Brass Duo Brass Trio Brass Quartet Brass Quintet Brass Sextet Brass Septet Percussion Ensemble Wind: Classical Repertoire Mixed Chamber Duo Mixed Chamber Trio Mixed Chamber Quartet Mixed Chamber Quintet Mixed Chamber Sextet Mixed Chamber Octet Mixed Chamber Nonette, Score Ensembles Mixtes Percussion Ensemble Piano Trio (piano, violin, violoncello) piano quartet (piano, violin, viola, cello) Orgue et instruments variés Piano et guitare Violon et instruments divers Alto et instruments divers Violoncelle et instruments divers Violoncelle et cimbalom Contrebasse et instruments divers Flute a bec et instruments divers Flute a bec et guitare Oboe and various instruments Clarinette et instruments variés Saxophone quartet Basson et instruments divers Trompette et instruments divers Two melody instruments and continuo Musique de chambre Flexible ensemble Musique de chambre Musique de chambre vocale Chamber Ensemble and Choir Voix Voix et piano Voix et piano (basso continuo) Voix et piano Vocal: Soprano Vocal: soprano and piano Vocal: Mezzo-Soprano Vocal: mezzosoprano and piano Vocal: Alto Vocal: Alto and piano Vocal: Tenor Vocal: tenor and piano Vocal: Baritone Vocal: Baritone and piano Vocal: Bass-Baritone Vocal: Bass Vocal: Bass and piano Voix et orgue Voix et instruments divers Voix et guitare Voix et guitare Voix et flute a bec Voice with Accords Vocal & Percussion Oratorios Hungarian Children's Songs Collections of Songs Voice and Piano / Hungarian Song Words of Hungarian Songs Upper Voices Upper Voices and Accompaniment Upper Voices Collection Children's Choir Children's Choir and Accompaniment Children's Choir Collection Mixed voices (boys SAB) Mixed Voices Mixed Voices and Accompaniment Mixed Voices Collection 2-Part Choir Lower Voices Lower Voices and Accompaniment Upper Voices or Mixed Voices Upper Voices or Mixed Voices and Accompaniment Vocal Ensemble Choeur Choir - three parts Choeur et piano Choeur et instruments Choir and chamber orchestra Choir and orchestra Chor and Solo(s) Voice, choir and orchestraVoice, choir and orchestra Choeur (pop) Enseignement Music Theory Solfege Manual Biographies Biographies (pop) Music Technology: Music Technology Books Album with pictures Facsimile Livres Classroom Materials Livres (Faber) Orchestra Orchestre symphonique String Orchestra Piano and orchestra Violin and orchestra Viola and orchestra Violoncello and orchestra Flute and orchestra Oboe and orchestra Clarinet and orchestra Bassoon and orchestra Brass instrument and orchestra Voice and orchestra Stage Works Opera Partitions d'orchetre: operas Livret d'opera Oratorium Vocal Score School Orchestra Symphonic Wind Band Concert Band Marching Band Brass Band Parties d'orchestre Stringsets Harpsichord part Basso continuo Vl.1 part Vl.2 part Vl.1/2 part Vl.3 part Vl.4 part Viola part Vla.1 part Vla.2 part Vla.3 part Vlc. part Vlc.2 part Vlc.3 part Double Bass part Bassi (Vlc./Cb.) part Bassi (Vlc./Cb./Bassoon) part String set of parts: V1/V2/Va/Vc Fl.1 part Ob.1 part Ob.2 part Ob.3 part Cor.1 part Trb.1 part Trb.2 part Trb.3 part Wind parts Timpani part Conc. Piano (pop, rock) Piano (jazz, latin) Piano: TV, Film & Show Piano: Religious & Gospel Guitare (pop, rock) Guitare (TAB) Guitare (jazz) Basse Steel Guitar C instrument (with piano) B flat Instrument E flat Instrument Bb, Es or C instrument Blues harmonica Batterie (drumset) Batterie, percussions Percussions (Latin et Afro) Cajon Djembe Bodypercussion Voix: pop Voix: jazz Voix: cinéma, TV Vocal with guitar chord shapes PVG ( piano, voix, guitare) PVG ( piano, voix, guitare) PVG ( piano, voix, guitare) Voix et piano: pop Pop Music, Voice and Piano Pop Music, Voice and Accords Melody/Chords/Lyrics Text with chords Pop Hit's Text Jazz ensemble Big Band Flexible Band STANDARD ALBUMS: GR. & PERS. Primary Songbooks Papier musique Desk Calendar Poster Wall calendar Kifestőkönyv Greating Card Accessoires Catalogue CD
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