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Prix: $59.95 (excl. TVA)
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Le microcosme de la musique pour ensembles a cordes 4

d'apres Mikrokosmos de Béla Bartók pour orchestre a cordes

Sheet music and download code

Auteur: Bartók Béla
Choisi et transcrit par Soós András
Instrumentation: String Orchestra
Pages: 100 pp
Format: Bach (23 x 30,2 cm)
Date du parution: Mars 2022
Editeur: Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó
Numéro d’édition: 20034
ISMN: 9790080200346
Mikrokosmos is perhaps the 20th century's most influential set of piano pieces and one of the milestones in pedagogical piano repertoire. These 153 piano pieces, organized in ascending order of difficulty, engage not only with technical aspects of piano playing but also with the fundamentals of composition. In addition, they include character pieces and even pieces with programmatic ideas. The Microcosm of String Ensemble Music provides 148 transcriptions from this series for making music for various string ensembles and graded in four volumes according to level of difficulty. Volumes 1 to 3 also include one copy of each part in addition to the full score. For performances with orchestra, further printed parts can be ordered individually. The parts are also available online at, where they can be viewed and downloaded for free as A4 PDF files using the individual code printed in the volumes.
1. Elementary (first position): for three violins and cello or children's string orchestra (Z. 20031)

2. Intermediate: for three violins and cello or string quartet or junior string orchestra (Z. 20032)

3. Advanced: for string quartet and quintet or string orchestra (Z. 20033)

4. Advanced: for string orchestra (Z. 20034)
This publication is printed on high-quality, age-resistant paper that is produced in an environmentally-friendly, climate-neutral manner using renewable raw materials.


Danse hongroise (orig. 68)
Triolets dans le mode lydien (orig. 55)
Danse des dragons (orig. 72)
Sixtes et triades(orig. 73, Sixtes et triades)
Variations (orig. 87)
Chanson du renard (orig. 95b)
Sons harmoniques (orig. 102)
Mélodie en brouillard (orig. 107)
De l'île de Bali (orig. 109)
Accords de quinte (orig. 120)
Accords joints et opposés (orig. 122)
Changement de mesure (orig. 126)
Syncopes (3) (orig. 133)
Gamme par tons (orig. 136)
Cornemuse (orig. 138)
Variations libres (orig. 140)
Sujet et réflexion (orig. 141)
Ce que la mouche raconte (orig. 142)
Marche (orig. 147)
Six danses dans le rythme dit bulgare (1) (orig. 148)
Six danses dans le rythme dit bulgare (2) (orig. 149)
Six danses dans le rythme dit bulgare (3) (orig. 150)
Six danses dans le rythme dit bulgare (4) (orig. 151)
Six danses dans le rythme dit bulgare (5) (orig. 152)
Six danses dans le rythme dit bulgare (6) (orig. 153)
Nouvelle chansonpopulaire hongroise (orig. 127)