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Chamber Music for two melodic instruments and basso continuo (for chamber ensemble) 1

score and parts

Edited by Máriássy István
Zasedba: Mixed Chamber Trio, Mixed Chamber Quartet
Zasedba: I: Violino, Flauto, Oboe, Clarinetto in Sib; II: Violino, Flauto, Oboe, Clarinetto in Sib; Continuo; Basso: Violoncello, Fagotto
Serija: Music for Beginners
Zvrst: Pedagogical performance pieces
Jezik: Hungarian, English, German, French
Število strani: 52 strani
Leto izdaje: Julij 1973
Založba: Editio Musica Budapest
Številka artikla: 6915
ISMN: 9790080069158
The collection has been intended to give instrumental beginners the possibility to play together as early as in the second of third year of study.


Fischer, Johann: Menuett
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Muffat, G.: Gavotta
Peuerl, Paul: Three Dance Movements - 1. Dantz, 2. Ballet, 3. Courant
Purcell, Henry: Sinfonia
Schütz, Heinrich: Sinfonia
Staden, Johann: Two symphonies
Hungarian Dances from the Seventeenth Century - 1. Intrada, 2. Courant, 3. Air, 4. 'Solomon'
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