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Beethoven, Ludwig van: Hits & Rarities for Piano - Beethoven

Easy and moderately difficult pieces

Selected and edited by Péteri Judit
Instrument: Piano
Seria: Hits & Rarities for piano
Period: Classic
Zasięg: 36 stron
Format: Bach (23 x 30,2 cm)
Pierwsze wydanie: Sierpnia 2008
Wydawca: Editio Musica Budapest
Numer katalogowy: 14654
ISMN: 9790080146545
Our purpose in compiling this volume was to gather together attractive pieces, not too long and technically not too difficult, so that the collection would be varied as possible, and show many different 'faces' of Beethoven. In the selection process the most important consideration was the musical aspect, thus the works are arranged not in order of difficulty but more or less in the order of their composition. The earliest are not the easiest, those that are playable even after just two years of piano study are to be found in the middle of the collection.


Allegretto (WoO 53)
7 Bagatellen (Op. 33) Nr. 1
7 Bagatellen (Op. 33) Nr. 2
7 Bagatellen (Op. 33) Nr. 3
Walzer (WoO 84)
"Für Elise" (WoO 59)
11 Bagatellen (Op. 119) Nr. 1
11 Bagatellen (Op. 119) Nr. 3
11 Bagatellen (Op. 119) Nr. 9
11 Bagatellen (Op. 119) Nr. 11
Allegretto (WoO 61)
6 Bagatellen (Op. 126) Nr. 4