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Prix: $19.95 (excl. TVA)
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Orbán György: Le nouveau carillon

Petite pieces pour piano

Instrumentation: Piano
Genre: Pieces pédagogiques
Langue: Hungarian, English, German, French
Pages: 28 pp
Format: K/4 (23,5x31)
Poids: 0.142 kg
Date du parution: Mars 2018
Editeur: Editio Musica Budapest
Numéro d’édition: 20003
ISMN: 9790080200032
György Orbán (born 1947) is among the most frequently performed contemporary Hungarian composers. His style incorporates a characteristic mix of classical, modern, cinematic, and jazz elements. In addition, he claims he ''loves splashing about in tonality,'' which makes his works accessible to the wider public. Owing to his humor and imagination, he finds an easy path to children, as demonstrated by the popularity of his piano works specifically intended for beginners. He composed close to 70 short children’s pieces for Ágnes Lakos’s four-volume Friendly Piano Tutor (Z. 14749-14756), later published separately as Enchanted Forest (Z. 14742).

The New Bell includes 19 piano pieces for beginners; among others, we encounter a baby elephant now and again (perhaps paying a visit from Debussy’s Children’s Corner?) and we hear the awful clamor of a most outgoing granny’s alarm clock as well as the solemn tolling of a new church-bell.

The pieces are arranged in order of difficulty and even include a few items for three hands which may be played by a pupil with the teacher or another student.


Brise de printemps
Le terrible réveil de Grand-mere
Il es grand comment, le petit éléphant?
Ostinato en C
Conte des mers du Sud
Murmure dans les feuillages
Dans la verte foret
Reste avec moi!
Le nouveau carillon
Le petit éléphant se balance entre les feuilles de l'arbre (en reve, bien sur)
Deux clowns
Fais dodo, petit élépahant, fais dodo!
a, b - Tango - 'El Corazón'
Aimes-tu Gershwin?
La robe de fete de Grand-mere (Étude)
La valse est éternelle
a, b - La fille de Brasov (Le rossignol), La fille de Brasov