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Kocsár Miklós: Marian Songs

for female choir

choral sheets

Setting: Upper Voices
Instrumentation: SSA/SMA/Solo, SSA, trg
Genre: Choral Work (Contemporary Hungarian)
Language: Latin
Grade: 3
Length: 36 pages
Format: A/4
Weight: 0.111 kg
Published: July 2006
Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Item number: 14461
ISMN: 9790080144619
Hungary has a thousand-year-old tradition of reverence for the Virgin Mary. In the course of the centuries the Church has found more and more occasions for the celebration of Mary. The greatest is the celebration of Mary?s assumption into heaven, which coincides with the anniversary of the death of Saint Stephen, on August 15. The texts of these choral works originate from various supplicatory prayers from the office, vocal texts and hymns. The six choral works don?t form a cycle, since the texts are associated with different liturgies. The choruses: Regina caeli ? antiphon for Easter, Sub tuum praesidium ? antiphon, Maria Mater gratiae ? short hymn, Ave Regina caelorum ? antiphon for Lent, Ave maris stella ? Hymn to Mary, Virgo parens Christi benedicta ? responsorium, can be sung singly or in any combination.


Regina caeli
Sub tuum praesidium
Maria mater gratiae
Ave regina caelorum
Ave maris stella
Virgo parens Christi benedicta
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