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Price: $44.95 (Excl. VAT)
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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: 16 Easy Pieces

For three violins and cello or stringquartet or children’s string orchestra

score and parts

Selected and revised by Soós András
Setting: String Orchestra
Series: Treasury for String Ensembles
Genre: Pedagogical performance pieces
Language: Hungarian, English, German, French
Length: 88 pages
Format: Bach (23 x 30,2 cm)
Weight: 0.49 kg
Published: March 2005
Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó
Item number: 14444
ISMN: 9790080144442
The varied contents of this volume enable young orchestral players to become acquainted with compositions written by Mozart in his childhood and youth: the earliest of the pieces, a contredanse (K15e) originally written for piano, was composed in London in 1764 (when Mozart was just eight years old), the latest was composed in Paris in 1778. The selection also includes a movement from the Gallimathias musicum, the song ?An die Freude?, early minuets and ballet music, other contredanses, German hymns, and even a movement from a symphony.


German religious song (Zwei deutsche Kirchenlieder, K 336c [343], No. 1)
German religious song (Zwei deutsche Kirchenlieder, K 336c [343], No. 2)
* * * [Neun Stücke, K Anh. C 27.06 (Anh. 207), No. 4]
* * * [Neun Stücke, K Anh. C 27.06 (Anh. 207), No. 8]
Arietta (Neun Variationen für Klavier über ein Thema von Nicolas Dezede “Lison dormait”, K 315d [264]
[Kontretanz] (Londoner Skizzenbuch, 1764, K 15e)
To Joy (Lied für eine Singstimme mit Klavierbegleitung KV 47e [53])
Marcia (Gallimathias musicum, K 32, No. 6)
Menuett (Sechs Menuette, K 130a [164], No. 3)
Menuett (Sieben Menuette, K 61b [65a], No. 3)
Menuett (Sieben Menuette, K 61b [65a], No. 6)
Menuetto (Sinfonie, K 111b [96])
Kontretanz (Vier Konretänze, K 271c [267], No. 3)
Kontretanz (Vier Konretänze, K 271c [267], No. 4)
Kontretanz (Kontretänze, K 250a [101], No. 2)
Menuett (Sechs Menuette, K 61h, No. 2)

Treasury for String Ensembles

Treasury for String Ensembles provides carefully selected original compositions and arrangements from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, compiled in volumes according to level of difficulty, from beginner’s level to professional.

Elementary (all in first position): typically for three violins and cello or children’s string orchestra.

Intermediate: typically for three violins and cello or string quartet or youth string orchestra.

Advanced: typically for string quartet or string quintet (with double bass) or string orchestra.

Some volumes include works that can only be performed with an orchestra. In each case, this is indicated on the title page or in the contents.

The volumes are published in both printed and digital form. The printed edition contains the score and one copy of each part. Further copies can be ordered for the purposes of orchestral performance. The digital edition can be viewed via, and the parts can also be downloaded as A4-sized PDF files. The digital edition comes free with the printed edition, using the unique code provided.

String Orchestra
String Orchestra
String Orchestra

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