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12 Saxophone Trios (0769257518) 13 Saxophone Quartets (0769252532) A Ballad for Ruby (ADV7677) A Glimpse Into Deep Space (ADV7440) After The Rain Sax Quartet Full Score (HL00000631) Aignish on the Machair (ADV7621) Albéniz: Trois pieces (AL26104) An Abstract Sense of Light (ADV7441) Anderson: Amazing Grace (ADV7694) Anderson: Canzona Corrente (ADV7657) Anderson: Jingle Bells (ADV7696) Anderson: La Noche Festiva (ADV7450) Anderson: La Noche Festiva (ADV7451) Anderson: La Noche Festiva (ADV7452) Anderson: La Noche Festiva (ADV7453) Anderson: La Noche Festiva (ADV7454) Anderson: Rock of Ages (ADV7695) Andrew: Boogie Stop Shuffle (ADV7645) Anyway Blues (ADV7604) Anywhere Is Everywhere (ADV7442) Bach: 15 Three-Part Inventions Vol. 1 (ADV7750) Bach: 15 Three-Part Inventions (ADV7730) Bach: 15 Two-Part Inventions (ADV7021) Bach: 15 Two-Part Inventions (ADV7028) Bach: Air BWV 1068 (ADV7609) Bach: Canzona BWV 588 (ADV7649) Bach: Fantasie and Fuge A minor BWV 904 (ADV7543) Bach: Fantasie und Fuge a-moll BWV 904 (ADV7430) Bach: Fantasie und Fuge c-Moll BWV 537 (ADV7536) Bach: Fuge in G major BWV 541 (ADV7530) Bach: Italian Concerto BWV 971 (ADV7476) Bach: Triosonate I in Eb BWV 525 (ADV7731) Bach: Triosonate II in c Minor BWV 526 (ADV7733) Barber: Adagio (MOL060879700) Barber: Adagio (GS82658) Bartók: 20 Duos (UE36991) Baskin-Watson: After The Rain Sax Quartet with Voice (HL00000630) Bb-Flat-A-Loogo (ADV7446) Beim Brunnwart (ADV7531) Berger: Caleb And Kate (ADV7660) Blue Bird Pumpkin (ADV7672) Bozza: Andante et Scherzo (AL19845) Bramböck: Saxophone Trios (UE35030) By and By Part 3 (ADV7632) Cacavas: More Trios for Saxophones (F.20615) Cahaphi (ADV7500) Cliffe Hangin' (ADV3700) Confidence (ADV7601) Conservation Full Score (HL00000633) Coulthard: Best Saxophone Duet Book Ever (CH65604) Cuarteto Santa Cruz (ADV7479) Cuel Bloo (ADV7447) Curious Child The Full Score (HL00000635) Curtis: A Klezmer Wedding (ADV7603) Curtis: Global Tour (ADV7409) Curtis: Quartet Suite on Mexican Themes (ADV7611) Curtis: Renaissance Suite (ADV7420) Curtis: Tambourine Dance (ADV7433) Curtis: Tango La Invitación (ADV7639) Curtis: Ten Klezmer Duos (ADV7059) Curtis: Tribute to Dexter (ADV7617) Dark Ice And Flames Of Tango (ADV7439) Debussy: Fugue (ADV7616) Debussy: La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin (ADV7624) Deep Phat (ADV7521) Dobbins: England's Carols (ADV7532) Dobbins: O Tannenbaum (ADV7533) Dobbins: Stille Nacht (ADV7534) Dodgion: Thank You Full Score (HL00000839) Dodgion: Thank You Sax Quartet (HL00000838) Dragonetti: Klezmer Triptych (ADV7613) Dubois: Six Caprices (AL24034) Eddie Who? (ADV7455) Elégie a nos meres (ADV7477) Enders: West Enders (ADV7478) Enzel: Crisantemi (ADV7417) Enzel: Le Tombeau de Couperin [I-IV] (ADV7427) Enzel: Pavane pour une Infante Défunte (ADV7408) Enzel: Quartett in B-Dur (ADV7412) Enzel: Quartett in Eb op. 8, No. 3 (ADV7411) Enzel: Streichquartett Eb Dur (ADV7413) Enzel: Tre Minuetti (ADV7418) Enzel: Trois Chansons (ADV7436) Enzel: Trouvailles (ADV7434) Fischer: Aurelius (ADV7664) Fischer: Blues (ADV7665) Flor Mixteca (ADV7468) Florenzo: Sud America pour 4 saxophones (ME00724900) For Ray (ADV7524) Forecast Full Score (HL00000821) Forecast Sax Quartet (HL00000820) Frackenpohl: Ragtime Suite (HL35017883) Free At Last Full Score (HL00000637) Frequent Flyer Full Score (HL00000823) Fujikura: Dolphins (SY4779) Funk-A-Lot (ADV7449) Funky Tango (ADV7404) Galloping Thunder (ADV7432) Georg Philipp Telemann: Six Canonic Sonatas Op. 2 (ADV7027) Gershwin: Preludes (UE17778) Gershwin: Summertime (DHP1084460-070) Go Down Moses (ADV7646) Gospel Sax (ADV7691) Graef: Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring (ADV7612) Graef: La Donna (ADV7635) Graef: Tango Andaluz (ADV7614) Graef: Three Allemanden and a Tripla (ADV7634) Guest Spot Greatest Hits (AM970948) Guest Spot Duets: Christmas (AM971938) Harlow: 7 Duets (ADV7072) Harlow: Ave Maria (ADV7414) Hartog: Need To Know Sax Quartet (HL00000828) Hartog: Priority Waltz Sax Quartet (HL00000832) Hartog: Solitaire Sax Quartet (HL00000836) Hartog: Underground Sax Quartet (HL00000640) Hartog: What Happened Sax Quartet (HL00000642) Hasta Luego Sr. Maya (ADV7407) Hechensteiner: Easy Driving (ADV7546) Hechensteiner: Luna Libre (ADV7545) Herzog: O Tannenbaum (ADV7528) Herzog: We Wish You a Merry Christmasamba (ADV7526) Hindemith: Concert piece (ED7169) Horváth: Alterego, Motorway Junction for saxophone quartet (14321) Hude: I Gotta Funk, Buddy (ADV7555) Hude: Jaromo (ADV7483) Hude: Two Oriental Dances (ADV7629) Hude: Welcome To New Orleans (ADV7638) Hummel: Musik für Saxophone op. 88f (ADV7626) Jackson: Frequent Flyer Sax Quartet (HL00000822) Jackson: The Nasty - Sax Quartet (HL00000666) Jaquiéry: Cleopha (ADV7668) Jaquiéry: Heliotrope Bouquet (ADV7669) Jazz Talk (ADV7523) Jump for Joy (ADV7564) Just One More Thing Full Score (HL00000825) Kernen: Jolly Joker (DHP1084502-070) Koch: Blues for Two (ADV7076) Koch: Groove Duets (ADV7080) Koch: Mainburger Duette (ADV7074) Korthals: Echo from the Past (ADV7560) Lafiya Full Score (HL00000639) Liebman: A Moody Time (ADV7605) Liebman: In Bach's Studio (ADV7608) Liebman: Lines (ADV7047) Little Brown Jug (ADV7643) Loritz: Cuesta Abajo (ADV7458) Loritz: Hungarian Dance No. 5 (ADV7562) Loritz: Jig (ADV7563) Loritz: Sevilla (ADV7561) Mays: Goodbye California (ADV7680) Mays: Mavrodaphne's Dance (ADV7681) Mays: Play Song (ADV7682) McNeely: Three Conversations (ADV7663) Michaely: Herbei, O Ihr Gläub'gen (ADV7654) Michaely: Kommet, ihr Hirten (ADV7653) Michailov: Style Chameleon (DHP1084544-400) Middleton: God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (ADV7556) Middleton: We Three Kings of Orient Are (ADV7558) Mind Journey Full Score (HL00000827) Monk: 'Round Midnight (ADV7625) Monk: Blue Monk (ADV7640) Morricone: Cinema Morricone (DHP1196073-070) Movie Songs for Two Alto Saxes (HL00284653) Mozart: Finale KV 361 (ADV7697) Mozart: Quartet in F KV 370 [368b] (ADV7679) Mozart: Rondo alla turca KV 331 (ADV7698) Muehlenhardt: Sonata (ADV7557) Muehlenhardt: Sonata [Kirkpatrick 87] + Sonata [Kirkpatrick 133] (ADV7421) Mussorgsky: Scherzo (ADV7539) Nasty The Full Score (HL00000667) Need To Know Full Score (HL00000829) Nettles: Amazing Grace (ADV7535) Neumeister: Harem Girl (ADV7553) Neuwirht: Ondate (SY3392-05) November Spring (ADV7559) Oh, Freedom Part 1 (ADV7630) One Chance At Life Full Score (HL00000831) Patchwork (ADV7405) Pauer: Blueminded (ADV7610) Pauer: Headiness (ADV7615) Pauer: Tenderness (ADV7620) Paulo: Train Talk (ADV7482) Pequena Suite para Cuatro (ADV7689) Perconti: Angels We Have Heard On High (ADV7656) Perconti: As with Gladness, Men of Old (ADV7429) Perconti: Gloucestershire Wassail (ADV7423) Perconti: He Is Born, Holy Child (ADV7655) Perconti: Infant Holy, Born So Lowly (ADV7428) Perconti: Jolly Old St. Nicholas (ADV7424) Perconti: Patapan (ADV7425) Perconti: The Radetzky March (ADV7688) Perconti: The Sleep of the Infant Jesus (ADV7426) Perconti: Water Music (ADV7448) Piazzolla: Histoire du tango (LEM25267) Pierné: Introduction et variations sur une ronde populaire (AL19728) Pop Trios For All (F.30700) Prelude No. V (ADV7507) Prelude VII (ADV7520) Priority Waltz Full Score (HL00000833) Purcell: Fantasia 1-3 (ADV7732) Purcell: Selected Pieces from "The Fairy Queen" II. (UE19074) Rae, James: Easy Jazzy Duets - Saxophones (UE16551) Rae, James: Introducing Saxophone ╩ Trios (UE21360) Rag Is Back (ADV7415) Raiders March (sax Quartet) (HL04001848) Rastro y Belascoaín (ADV7474) Ravel: Boléro (ADV7457) Ravel: Ma Mere L'Oye [Mother Goose] (ADV7431) Recuerdo de una jornada (ADV7469) Reinshagen: 'S mo lamh air a stiuir (ADV7622) Reinshagen: Avocado (ADV7438) Reinshagen: Leise rieselt der Schnee (ADV7651) Reinshagen: The Sons of Liberty (ADV7623) Reverberations in and Beyond (ADV7444) Rhapsodish (ADV7406) River Man Full Score (HL00000835) Ropartz: Nocturne (DF01099501) Rossini: The Barber of Seville (ADV7470) Rossini: The Barber of Seville (ADV7471) Rossini: The Barber of Seville (ADV7472) Rossini: The Barber of Seville (ADV7473) Rothenberg: Just One More Thing Sax Quartet (HL00000824) Rothenberg: River Man Sax Quartet (HL00000834) Rothenberg: Your Move Sax Quartet (HL00000840) Saint-Saëns: Le Carnaval des Animaux (ADV7667) Sáry: Incanto (7661) Saxophone Quartet (ADV7435) Schifrin: Mission Impossible Sax Qrt Theme (saxophone Quartet) (HL00841460) Schoendorff: In Search of... The Wild Saxamuhphones (ADV7618) Sellers: Three Essays (ADV7666) Shades of Light (ADV7459) Shuffle, Shuffle (ADV7460) Skunktown Beanery (ADV7416) Slagle: In the Land of Ephesus (ADV7693) Slagle: Reflections (ADV7692) Slipknot: Body And Soul (ADV3515) Snidero: Jazz Conception Passage (ADV14733) Snidero: Jazz Conception Saxophone Section (ADV14731) Soft Shadows of the Night (ADV7675) Solitaire Full Score (HL00000837) Someday my Prince will come (ADV3525) Something Rich and Strange (ADV7445) Sometimes I Feel - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Prt 4 (ADV7633) Still-Life With Dove (ADV7670) Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (ADV7652) Sturm: Black Bottom Stomp (ADV7606) Sturm: Picasso Cubed (ADV7619) Submerged Landscape (ADV7671) Suite of Old American Spirituals (ADV7437) Süsser die Glocken nie klingen (ADV7650) Saxophone Duos (14334) Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite (ADV7683) Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite (ADV7684) Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite (ADV7685) Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite (ADV7686) Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite (ADV7687) Telemann: Six Canonic Sonatas and a Circle Canon (ADV7026) Tertium Non Datur (ADV7029) The Beauty of Space (ADV7443) The Boogie Woogie Bari Boy (ADV7678) The Grey Convoy (ADV7600) The Latin Smile (ADV7410) Three's A Crowd: Book 1 Saxophone (PM178403R) Thyroid Funk (ADV7690) Trance Dance (ADV7676) Two Scorpions In Love (ADV7419) Underground Full Score (HL00000641) Veale: 30 Cool Ways To Play The Blues E Flat Instruments (HL00030449) Viera: Balance Rag (ADV7522) Viera: Duo Iterum (ADV7073) Viper Cipher (ADV7509) Watson: Conservation Sax Quartet (HL00000632) Watson: Free At Last Sax Quartet (HL00000636) Watson: Lafiya Sax Quartet (HL00000638) Watson: Mind Journey Sax Quartet (HL00000826) Watson: One Chance At Life Sax Quartet (HL00000830) Watson: The Curious Child - Sax Quartet (HL00000634) What Happened Full Score (HL00000643) Wiberny: Here comes Julian (ADV7607) Witches of the Earth (ADV7673) Wolf: 3 Blues (ADV7647) Wolf: 3 Dixieland for Saxophone Quartet (ADV7648) Woods: Deer Head Sketches (ADV7661) Woods: Three Improvisations (ADV7662) Your Move Full Score (HL00000841) Zaninelli: Variazioni Canonici (ADV7628)