Composer: Franck, César (41 items)
Franck: 18 Short Pieces in progressive order (EP4529) Piano Franck: Father Most Merciful (Panis Angelicus) (GS30439) Mixed Voices and Accompaniment Franck: Father Most Merciful (Panis Angelicus) L/E SATB (GS30278) Mixed Voices and Accompaniment Franck: Franck: Organ Works (DP13285) Organ Franck: L'Organiste (organ) (0769242421) Organ Franck: Orgelwerke Bd. 1 (EP3744A) Organ Franck: Orgelwerke Bd. 2 (EP3744B) Organ Franck: Orgelwerke Bd. 3 (EP3744C) Organ Franck: Orgelwerke Bd. 4 (EP3744D) Organ Franck: Panis Angelicus (EA17759) Upper Voices and Accompaniment Franck: Panis angelicus (ED09847) Voice and piano Franck: PANIS ANGELICUS (NR12766300) Voice and piano Franck: Panis Angelicus (NR12766400) Voice and piano Franck: Panis Angelicus (2 part opt Flute/Cello) (F.17917) Chamber Music with Voice Franck: Panis Angelicus (Two-Part) (EA15787) Choral Music Franck: Panis angelicus for voice & piano (EP71799) Franck: Piano Quintet in F minor (EP3743) Chamber Music for Strings and Piano Franck: Piéce II (AL19996) Saxophone and piano Franck: Piece V. (AL16389) Oboe and Piano Franck: Präludium, Aria und Finale (EP3740B) Piano Franck: Präludium, Choral und Fuge (EP3740A) Piano Franck: Prélude, Aria et Final (HN0464) Piano Franck: Prélude, Choral et Fugue (HN0494) Piano Franck: PRELUDE, FUGUE AND VARIATION FOR ORGAN (9936010) Organ Franck: Psalm 150 (Ne-Fr) (MOL011306060) Concert Band Franck: Psaume 150 (DF01233200) Mixed Voices and Accompaniment Franck: Sńmtliche Orgelwerke 1 (UT50140) Organ Franck: Sńmtliche Orgelwerke 2 (UT50141) Organ Franck: Sńmtliche Orgelwerke 3 (UT50142) Organ Franck: Sńmtliche Orgelwerke 4 (UT50143) Organ Franck: Sńmtliche Orgelwerke 5 (UT50144) Organ Franck: Solemn Mass (vocal score) (0769244483) Large-scale choral works Franck: Sonata for Cello (arr.From Vln Sonata) (GM1184) Franck: Sonata for Piano and Violin A major (HN0293) Violin and Piano Franck: Sonata in A (Q3742) Violin and Piano Franck: Sonata in A for Flute and Piano (GS81084) Flute and Piano Franck: Sonate für Violine und Klavier A-Dur (EP3742) Violin and Piano Franck: Symphonische Variationen fis-Moll - für Klavier und Orchester (EP3741) Two Pianos Franck: Symphony in D minor (40084) Symphonic Works Franck: Three Pieces for the Grand Orgue (HN0845) Organ Franck: Trio in F# Op. 1 No. 1 (EP3745) Piano Trio (piano, violin, violoncello)