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Cena: $48.45 (Brez DDV)
Online availability: In stock
Store availability: Available

Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Selected Organ Works

Edited by Koloss István
Zasedba: Organ
Obdobje: 20th Century
Jezik: Hungarian, English, German
Število strani: 76 strani
Format: K/4 quer (31 x 23,5 cm)
Weight: 0.261 kg
Leto izdaje: 1986
Založba: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Številka artikla: 13122
ISMN: 9790080131220
The performance of these genre pieces requires extremely colourful playing on the organ. The occasional registrations and changes of manual in the manuscripts indicate that Dezső Antalffy-Zsiross stressed even the shortest musical idea, if need be, at the expense of playing with one hand on two manuals. His manner of performance was never metronom-like but shaped with munch agogic which never failed to exert a tremendous effect on his audience.


Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Choralfantasie und Fuge (Herzlich tut mich verlangen)
Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Drei leichte Choralvorspiele - Jesu meine Freude
Op. 22
Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Drei leichte Choralvorspiele - Meinen Jesum lass ich nicht
Op. 22
Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Drei leichte Choralvorspiele - Herzliebster Jesu
Op. 22
Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Chant solennel
Op. 10, No. 1
Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Chant du sygne
Op. 10, No. 2
Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Sérénade
Op. 10, No. 3
Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Abendlied
Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Minnesang
Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Toteninsel (nach Böcklin)
Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Chanson dans la nuit
Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Trauergesang
Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Madonna ( Ein Glasgemälde)
Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Sketches on Negro Spirituals Songs
Antalffy-Zsiross Dezső: Einsamkeit
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