Nástroj: Choral Music (pop music) (145 položky)  
ABBA (Andersson & Ulvaeus): Five Abba Hits SSA/PFA (NOV160288) ABBA (Andersson & Ulvaeus): Five Abba Hits (SATB) (NOV160289) ABBA (Andersson & Ulvaeus): I Have A Dream (SATB) (NOV170467) ABBA (Andersson & Ulvaeus): I Know Him So Well (Chess) (NOV160248) ABBA (Andersson & Ulvaeus): Thank You For The Music (SP12636) Arch: Gospel Rock. SA(B) accompanied (FYV) (0571516386) Arlen: Over The Rainbow (SATB) (IMP0533D) Bacharach: Close To You (AM32053) Bain: Brother James' Air (The Lord's My Shepherd) (NOV290603) Barber: Samuel Barber: Complete Choral Music (GS33642) Besig: Take These Wings (SP15332) Billingsley: A Disney Silly Sing-Along 2 Part (HL08743072) Brymer: The Lion King: The Broadway Musical Choral Medley SATB (HL08741684) Chappell: Daniel Jazz - Cantata for unison voices and piano (NOV200001) Diamond: I'm a believer (Shrek). 2-part accomp. (HL08201416) Dyson: George Dyson: The Canterbury Pilgrims (TH978695) Dyson: Praise (NOV290659) Elgar: Edward Elgar: As Torrents In Summer (SSA) (NOV160079R) ENYA: May it be (Lord of the Rings) SAB acc. (HL08711360) Freedman: Rock Around The Clock Choral Pops (NOV160253) Gershwin: Gershwin for Girls SSA (IMP1581D) Gilkyson: The Bare Necessities (HL08741147) Gilkyson: The Bare Necessities (SAB) (HL08741146) Hawkins: Edwin Hawkins: Oh, Happy Day (SSA) (IMP0531D) Hawkins: Oh, Happy Day (SATB) (IMP0560D) Heyman: When I Fall In Love SSA (IMP1093D) Hogan: Feel The Spirit (HL08743703) Hogan: Ride On, King Jesus (SSAA) (HL08703296) Holst: Gustav Holst: O Spiritual Pilgrim (TH978519) Hurd: Swingin' Samson Vocal Score (NOV200158) Jenkyns: Snakes (NOV160115) JOHN: Can You Feel The Love Tonight (The Lion King) (HL08200265) JOHN: Circle Of Life (HL08745849) JOHN: The Lion King (Medley) Show Trax CD (HL08637511) JONES: Don't Know Why (SATB) (HL08744062) Kander: Cabaret (SATB) (HL08665987) Lennon: Imagine (AM32285) Lennon: Swingle Singers: Ticket to Ride (HL08743854) LENNON: Hey Jude (AM12733) LENNON: Penny Lane (AM32277) Lloyd: A Concert Celebration (AM930370) Lloyd: A Concert Celebration (AM930853) Lloyd: Andrew Lloyd Webber: I Believe My Heart (SATB) (HL08621367) Lloyd: Andrew Lloyd Webber: Learn To Be Lonely (SAB) (HL08744734) Lloyd: Any Dream Will Do Show Singles (NOV160240) Lloyd: Aspects Of Love Choral Suite (NOV160225) Lloyd: Close Every Door Show Singles (NOV160239) Lloyd: Don't Cry For Me Argentina Show Singles (NOV160238) Lloyd: I Don't Know How to Love Him (from Jesus Christ Superstar) (AM29042) Lloyd: Jesus Christ Superstar Choral Selections (AM29026) Lloyd: Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat Choral Suite (NOV160228) Lloyd: The Music Of The Night (AM85077) LOJESKI: Morning Has Broken (AM17708) MacDermot: Aquarius (AM13137) Maierhofer: Pop 4 Voices (C6413) Mancini: Henry Mancini: Moon River (SSA) (HL08200162) Mancini: Moon River SAB (Mancini/Lojeski) (HL08200161) Mancini: Moon River SATB (Mancini/Lojeski) (HL08200160) Meadwell: The Novello Music Hall Songbook (NOV072466) Menken: A Whole New World (Aladdin) SAB/Piano (HL08200076) Menken: The Little Mermaid (Medley) (HL40325045) Menken: Under The Sea (HL08666125) Menken: Aladdin (Medley) (HL08200082) Menken: Aladdin (Medley) (HL08200084) Menken: Friend Like Me (HL08637321) Menken: God Help The Outcasts (HL08740718) Menken: God Help The Outcasts (HL08740720) Menken: The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Medley) Show Trax CD (HL08740673) MILLER: Cristi Cary Miller: Solfege Samba (HL08551812) Mozart: W.A. Mozart: Ave Verum Corpus (SATB) (NOV290705) Pachelbel: Canon In D (SP10275) Portman: Portman, R. The Stars (The Little Prince) (CH69564) QUEEN: Bohemian Rhapsody - 2-Part (IMP0753D) RICE, B: Favourite Pop (Rice) (NOV170375) Rodgers: In Concert 2 Part (HL08621220) Rodgers: In Concert SATB (HL08621218) Rodgers: Oscar Hammerstein/Richard Rodgers: You'll Never Walk Alone (SATB) (HL06023241) Rodgers: Richard Rodgers/Oscar Hammerstein: I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair (SSA) (HL08720802) Rodgers: Clim Ev'ry Mountain (HL00346138) Rodgers: Rodgers & Hammerstein On Broadway (HL08736402) Rodgers: Some Enchanted Evening (HL00346846) Rodgers: The King And I Selection (Warnick) (HL00346543) Shaw: Sinner Man (Kirby Shaw) (HL08703236) Shaw: Sinner Man (Kirby Shaw) (HL08703238) Sherman: Feed The Birds (Mary Poppins) (2-Part) (HL08564092) Sherman: Mary Poppins (Medley) (HL40225071) SIMON: Bridge Over Troubled Water (SP20985) SIMON: Scarborough Fair/Canticle (PS10719) SIMON: The Sound Of Silence (PS10727) Steiner: The Crucifixion (SATB) (NOV072488) Steiner: The Crucifixion (SSA) (NOV072336) Strayhorn: Satin Doll (AM930920) Tavener: J Tavener: Choral Collection (CH61599) THE BEATLES: Eleanor Rigby (AM32814) THE BEATLES: Eleanor Rigby (SATB) (AM12717) THE BEATLES: Here There And Everywhere (AM32608) THE BEATLES: Hey Jude (AM32590) THE BEATLES: Lennon and McCartney Medley No.1 (AM17666) THE BEATLES: Lennon and McCartney Medley No.2 (AM17674) THE BEATLES: Let it Be (AM12758)