Gertz, Bruce: Let's Play Rhythm [Bb-Eb]

Variations on Rhythm Changes for the Study of Improvisation, Ear Training and Composition

Book and CD

Setting: B flat Instrument, E flat Instrument
Genre: Jazz, blues, latin
Language: English
Length: 148 pages
Weight: 0.67 kg
Published: May 2007
Publisher: Advance Music
Item number: ADV14276
ISMN: 9790206303791
Let's Play Rhythm is one of the most versatile book/CD play-alongs available providing three CDs which offer a complete learning experience. You'll hear master musicians demonstrating the lessons in the context of tunes. Eliminating first the solos on one disc and finally the melodies on a third disc leaving only the rhythm tracks. Practice with/without the melodies or solos, write your own, transcribe for ear training. Learn bass lines, diatonic melodies, rhythmic melodies, pentatonic, blues scale, diminished, upper structures, intervallic melodies, reharmonization, pedal points, groove variations and more. Featured soloists and melody players include Jerry Bergonzi-tenor, Ken Cervenka-trumpet, Jeff Galindo-trombone and Matt Marvuglio-flute. Rhythm section: Bruce Gertz- bass, Bob Kaufman-drums, Russell Hoffman-piano What a great premise Bruce Gertz puts forth: Use the old warhorse of rhythm changes (which is required reading for all jazz students) as the framework to develop all sorts of improvisational approaches, of course applicable in many other situations. What I like about this book is that with the help of the CD (featuring a great band by the way) and written out examples, a student can get right to the point and get immediate results. (David Liebman) An intelligently written, clear and concise book that can be used by players of all instruments. With Bruce's clever lines (and titles!) anyone will come away with a more complete and facile understanding of rhythm changes! (Bill Mays)
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