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Neuerscheinungen 2015


Setting: Catalogue
Language: English, German
Length: 16 pages
Format: A/4
Published: April 2015
Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó
Item number: 80165
ISMN: 9790080801659
Embrace music - in other words, make music part of your life. That is the motto we have adopted this year. We at EMB know that making music brings joy. That joy is multiplied and shared by playing to others. What's more, making music develops individual abilities and values, such as concentration, openness, sensitivity, collaboration, and concern for others.

Our aim is to allow as many children, young people, and adults as possible to experience the joy and value of music. This prompted us to renew our series for young musicians entitled Music for Beginners which has been popular for decades, and to launch a new series this year: Bartók Transcriptions for Music Students. The purpose of the album Let's Take the Stage! is to encourage and assist beginner violinists to perform for the first time before an audience. Additionally, the new volume of the Ad libitum Family Edition offers a wide variety of material for playing music at home with the family. In line with EMB tradition, two excellent pieces have been added in the last year to the Concert Band Series (Concertino by Árpád Balázs and Ungaresca by István Győrffy) and one to the repertoire for junior string orchestras (Chaconne by Miklós Kocsár). Another cause close to our hearts is choral singing; we have published another twenty new Hungarian choral works over the last year.

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