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Serei Zsolt: L'ombre sur les structures pliées

(Hommage a Pierre Boulez) for two clarinets and five strings


Setting: Chamber Music for Mixed Ensemble
Series: EMB Contemporary Music
Genre: Contemporary Hungarian Works
Period: Contemporary Music
Length: 28 pages
Format: 23 x 30,2 cm (Bach)
Weight: 0.111 kg
Published: June 2004
Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Item number: 14394
Other reference: S-99
ISMN: 9790080143940
The piece was written in honour of Pierre Boulez's 75th birthday. Besides the title, put together like a mosaic from three Pierre Boulez pieces entitled Dialogue de l'ombre double, Structures, and Pli selon pli, the homage-character of the piece is also indicated by the Reihe used as a base, originating from the composition entitled Structures. The passage-titles of the form made up of seven sections and the character of the musical material of the individual sections all point to pieces by Boulez though they do not contain a single actual quotation from them. The piece is a one-movement chamber concert in which two emphatically polyphonous clarinet parts play a leading role alongside a string quintet. During concert performances, it is an essential element of the piece that the musicians playing the clarinet parts constantly change their position. While the strings remain at the centre of the stage throughout, the two clarinet players, starting out from the left and right side of the stage, finally meet behind them (in the fourth section), then slowly begin to move off stage, one to the left, one to the right. (Tünde Szitha)

The performance material can be hired under the catalogue number S-99

BMC CD 073

Klenyán Csaba, Szabó Bálint, Componensemble, cond. Serei Zsolt

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