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Kurtág György: Officium Breve in memoriam Andreae Szervánszky

playing score

Op. 28
Setting: String Quartet
Instrumentation: 2 vl, vla, cb
Genre: Contemporary Hungarian Works
Length: 24 pages
Format: 23 x 30,2 cm (Bach)
Weight: 0.122 kg
Published: April 1995
Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Item number: 13959
ISMN: 9790080139592
The premiere of Kurtág's so-called "third string quartet," composed in 1988-89, took place at the 1989 Witten Festival in the performance of the Auryn String Quartet. In this work, the composer sought to combine two fundamentally different musical worlds: the music of Anton Webern and Endre Szervánszky (1911-1977). The individual movements of the piece are rooted in personal relationships, undergo multiple transformations and are randomly connected to each other. The two musical quotes (Webern: Canon op. 31 VI. and Szervánszky: Serenade for Strings, movement III) appear in the middle and at the end of the composition.


Largo - In memoriam Tibor Turcsányi
Pi? andante - In memoriam Zsolt Baranyay
Sostenuto, quasi giusto
Grave, molto sostenuto
Presto - Fantasie über die Harmonien des Webern-Kanons
Molto agitato - Canon a 4
Sehr flissend - Canon a 2 (frei nach Op. 31/ VI von Webern)
Lento - In memoriam Gabriella Garzó
Sehr fliessend - Webern: Canon a 4 Op. 31/ VI
Sostenuto - In memoriam György Szoltsányi
Sostenuto, quasi giusto
Sostenuto, con slancio
Disperato, vivo
Larghetto - Arioso interrotto (di Endre Szervánszky)
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