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Kurtág György: Omaggio a Luigi Nono

(to poems by A. Achmatova and R. Dalos)

Op. 16
Setting: Mixed Voices
Genre: Contemporary Hungarian Works
Language: Russian, Hungarian, German, English
Length: 22 pages
Format: 33,6 x 24,3 cm (B/4 quer)
Weight: 0.115 kg
Published: October 1980
Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Item number: 12037
ISMN: 9790080120378
Luigi Nono visited Hungary in 1978, on the occasion of his author's evening, and also met György Kurtág. In fact, he advised his Hungarian colleague to write choral works. Kurtág, who was greatly influenced by the open personality of the Italian composer, who was previously thought to be a dogmatic communist, accepted the advice, but he hardly wrote the work recommended to him in the spirit of Nono. Drawing from the "sacred" layer of the Russian language, he set the poems of female poets to music, and the choral works are not intended for the masses, but - due to both the mystery of their text and the difficulty of their performance - mainly for the selected few.


Declension of the Pronoun ''Whose''
Anna Ahmatova: The Break (excerpt)
Rimma Dalos: Love for a Month
Rimma Dalos: But how do I Know ” Canon (after I Corinthians 7. 16)
Rimma Dalos: O Love, the Edifier! (after I Corinthians 8. 1)
Rimma Dalos: And the Door is Open for me ” (after I Corinthians 16. 9)
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