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AC/DC: Jam With AC/DC (AM961708) AC/DC: Lick Library: Learn To Play AC/DC (RDR0036) AC/DC: The Best of AC/DC (AM76688) AC/DC: The Chord Songbook (AM963501) Adams: Play Guitar With...Bryan Adams (AM963380) Adams: Really Easy Guitar! Bryan Adams (AM971806) AEROSMITH: Just Push Play (0634030221) Aledort: Beginning Electric Blues Guitar (Aledort) DVD (HL00320409) Anderson: All Chords In All Positions For Guitar (HL00695055) Stix: Acoustic Rock For Guitar (HL00695019) Belkadi: M.I. A Modern Approach To Jazz, Rock & Fusion Guitar BK/CD (HL00695143) Bennett: Nu Metal (AM976283) Bennett: Christmas Hits (AM971564) Bennett: It's Easy To Bluff Metal Guitar (AM955207) Bennett: It's Easy To Bluff Rock Guitar (AM955218) Bennett: Really Easy Guitar! Rock Classics (AM957693) Benson: Best Of George Benson - Revised Edition (IMP4885A) BLACK: Play Guitar With... Black Sabbath (AM955911) Boehnlein: Basic Guitar Adjustments & Setups Pocket Guide (HL00695149) Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi Master Session (DV10186) Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi: Crush (AM967230) Bon Jovi: Cross Road - Guitar Recorded Versions (AM933273) Bon Jovi: Play Guitar With Bon Jovi (AM972851) BOWCOTT: Beginning Metal Rhythm Guitar (Bowcott) (HL00320441) Bowie: Best of DAVID BOWIE (0634030485) Bowie: Best Of Definitive Collection For Guitar (IMP9535A) BOX CAR RACER: Box Car Racer (GTAB) (0634051679) Bragg: Bragg Billy Back To Basics (IMP09843) Bream: Bream Guitar Library Volume 1: Baroque (0571506070) Bream: Bream Guitar Library Volume 1: Baroque (0571566944) Bream: Bream Guitar Library Volume 2: Classical (0571506089) Bream: Bream Guitar Library Volume 2: Classical (0571566952) Briggs: Rockin' And Rollin' (DV10065) BROWN: Beginning Rock Guitar For Kids (HL00699376) Burton: Heavy Metal Guitar Tricks (HL00699324) Celentano: Rock Around The Classics (HL00000205) Clapton: Unplugged Guitar Signature Licks (AM949146) Clapton: Clapton, Eric Master Session (DV10197) Clapton: Clapton, Eric Signature Licks - Solo Years (HL00320263) Clapton: Clapton, Eric Signature Licks Acoustic Guitar (HL00320265) Clapton: Guitar Play-Along Volume 41: Eric Clapton (HL00699669) Clapton: Play Acoustic Guitar With: Eric Clapton (AM965954) Clapton: Really Easy Guitar! Eric Clapton (AM968462) Clapton: Riding With The King (AM968242) Clapton: Rock With... Eric Clapton (DV10252) CREAM: The Cream of Cream (Composer: Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Peter Brown) (AM936969) DAVE MATTHEWS BAND 'DMB': Guitar Legendary Licks: Dave Matthews Band 1994-2001 (HL02500374) Deep: Deep Purple (Signature licks) (0634029428) Deep: Deep Purple Greatest Hits (0634049089) Disney: Disney Fingerstyle Guitar (HL00690009) Disney: Fingerpicking Disney (HL00699711) Dylan: Blood On The Tracks - Bob Dylan (AM1012957) Dylan: Frank Rich Presenteert Bob Dylan MLC (RMS100115) Dylan: Play Acoustic Guitar With...Bob Dylan (AM955999) Dylan: Play Guitar With...Bob Dylan (AM955944) Dylan: Really Easy Guitar. Bob Dylan. Book and CD. J Bennett (AM971828) Dylan: The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (AM1012946) Dylan: Time Out Of Mind - Bob Dylan (AM1012968) Ellington: Duke Ellington Coll For Gtr Cd (1576234932) ELO: ELO Guitar Collection (0634038028) EVANS: Bill Evans Collection Solo Gtr (0769291708) FINDLAY: M.I. Creative Chord Shapes Guitarists Guide To Open-String Chord Forms (HL00695172) Fleming: The Ultimate Guitartutor Rock (0571533698) Foo Fighters: Best of Foo Fighters (0634014706) Galante: SCUOLA DI CHITARRA ELETTRICA: ROCK & BLUES (MLR00058400) Gaude: Guitar Duos Book 1 Op.57 (0571508014) Gaude: Guitar Duos Book 2 Op.60 (0571508022) Gershwin: Gershwin Collection For Guitar (0769262015) Gill: Modern Rock Guitar Soloing (HL00320510) Gill: Rock Lead Performance: Musicians Institute Master Class (HL00695278) Gilmour: Play Guitar With... David Gilmour (AM954602) GOO GOO DOLLS: Dizzy up the girl (0634001701) GOO GOO DOLLS: Goo Goo Dolls Collection (0634015044) GOO GOO DOLLS: Gutterflower (0634049461) Goodrick: The Advancing Guitarist (HL00603009) Green: Bullet in a Bible - DVD/CD Set (WEA49466) GUNS N' ROSES: Master Session (DV10208) Gurman: Blues Rock Guitar Soloing (Gurman) DVD (HL00320395) Halen: Guitar World Presents: Van Halen In His Own Words (HL00330294) Hamburger: Electric Slide Guitar (HL00695022) Hendrix: 10 Classic Tunes (Jazz Play Along Series) (HL00843083) Hendrix: Valleys of Neptune (HL00691033) Hindson: Rush. Guitar and string quartet (score) (0571566812) Holdsworth: Melody Chords For Guitar (HL00000222) Hughes: Music Factory: Guitar Workbook 2 (057151118X) INCUBUS: Crow Left Of The Murder (GTAB) (0634078801) INCUBUS: Incubus, Best of (0634049054) INCUBUS: Make Yourself (recorded version) (0634023306) INCUBUS: Morning View (BASS TAB) (0634064924) IRON: Learn To Play Iron Maiden (RDR0077) IRON: Play Guitar With Iron Maiden (AM967340) Johnson: Swing & Big Band Guitar (HL00695147) Johnson: Best of Eric Johnson GRV (HL00690660) Johnson: Eric Johnson: Venus Isle (HL00690169) Johnson: Rory Block Teaches The Guitar of Robert Johnson (HL00641810) KEB' MO': Blues Guitar Of Keb' Mo' Basic Techniques For Contemporary Player DVD (HL00641538) King: King, BB Blues Master II (IMP21734) KISS: Guitar Play-Along Volume 30: Kiss (HL00699644) KOLB: 50 Licks Rock Style (HL00320380) KOLB: Fender Stratocaster Greats (Playing In The Style Of) DVD (HL00320381) Krause-Lehnitz: Black Sabbath - Riff by Riff (HL02500116) Laboriel: Beginning Funk Bass Instructional DVD For Bass (Laboriel) (HL00320399) Lawes: Suite for two guitars (0571501257) McCartney: Guitar Play Along (HL00699642) Lloyd: Fingerpicking. 14 Songs (HL00699839) Malmsteen: Anthology (HL00690577) Malmsteen: Anthology (GTAB) (00690577) Malmsteen: Malmsteen, Yngwie Master Session (DV10230) Malmsteen: Yngwie Malmsteen, Best Of (Sig licks) (0634036831) Marshall: Greatest Guitar Solos Of All Time:Guitar Signature licks (HL90000627) MATCHBOX: Mad Season (GTAB) (0634021222) MATCHBOX: More than you think you are (GTAB) (0634059440) Mcartney: Best Guitar Duet Book Ever (CH66759) MEAT: Meat Loaf: The Chord Songbook (AM963534) MEGADETH: Risk (0634012592) Mellencamp: John Mellencamp Guitar Collection (0634033042) METALLICA: ...And Justice for All. Easy Guitar With Riffs (AM939818) METALLICA: 1983-1988 Legendary Guitar Licks (AM966834) METALLICA: Play Guitar With... Metallica (DVD Edition) (AM983642) METALLICA: Play Guitar With...Metallica 2 (AM955977) Moore: Greatest Hits (HL00672504) Moore: Still Got The Blues (HL00694802) Nugent: Legendary Licks: Ted Nugent (HL02500707) OASIS: Oasis: Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants (AM964062) Osbourne: Down To Earth (GTAB) (0634041320) Osbourne: Very Best Of Ozzy Osbourne Sig Licks (HL00695431) Petrucci: Wild Stringdom (0769291023) Presley: Play Guitar With Elvis (BK 2) BK/CD (AM975667) Presley: The Chord Songbook (AM956043) Presley: The Guitars of Elvis: Signature Licks (AM932932) Presley: The King Of Rock 'n' Roll: Guitar Recorded Versions (AM949730) Priest: Best Of Judas Priest (0634018817) Queensryche: Queensryche, Very Best Of (GTAB) (0634073362) Reeves: Acoustic Blues Guitar DVD (FMDVD1014) Reinhardt: Django Reinhardt Definitive Collection (0634034308) Roth: Masters Of Stratocaster 2 Videos (VGR218) Rubin: Solo Blues Guitar (HL00699719) Santana: Influences (0757917860) Santana: Play Guitar With... Santana - Supernatural (AM967032) Satriani: Guitar Secrets (CLM02506305) Satriani: Jam With Joe Satriani (HL02500426) Satriani: Play It Like It is Guitar: Joe Satriani - Surfing With The Alien (CLM02506959) Satriani: Riff By Riff (CLM02506314) Satriani: The Best Oof Joe Satriani: Guitar Signature Licks (AM962302) Satriani: The Extremist - Play It Like It Is Guitar (CLM02501205) Shipton: Shipton's Russ, Rock & Pop Guitar Course In One Book (IMP16003) Shipton: The Complete Guitar Player Love Songs (AM91870) Simon and Garfunkel: Play Acoustic Guitar With... Simon And Garfunkel (PS11516) Simon: Easy Pickings Paul Simon (PS11649) Simon: Really Easy Guitar: Paul Simon (PS11550) Slipknot: Iowa (GTAB) (0634037374) Smith: Rickenbacker Book (HL00000098) Stang: 21st Century Guitar Method 2 (0769213014) Stang: 21st Century Guitar Method 1 (book/CD) (0898987296) Stang: 21st Century Guitar Method 2 (book/CD) (0898987350) Stang: 21st Century Guitar Method 3 (book/CD) (1576232913) Stang: 21st Century Guitar Rock Shop 1 (book/CD (0898987318) Stang: 21st Century Guitar Rock Shop 2 (book/CD (0898989019) Stang: 21st Century Guitar Rock Shop 3 (book/CD (1576237311) Stetina: Beginning Rock Lead Guitar (Stetina) DVD (HL00320410) Stetina: Beginning Rock Lead Guitar Pocket Guide (HL00695054) Stetina: Beginning Rock Rhythm Guitar (HL00320411) Stetina: Beginning Rock Rhythm Guitar Pocket Guide (HL00695053) Stetina: Funk Rock: Troy Stetina's Guitar Lessons (HL00695078) Stetina: Metal Lead Guitar Method (Revised) Volume 1 (HL00699321) Stetina: Metal Lead Guitar Primer (HL00660316) Stetina: Metal Lead Guitar Volume 2 (HL00699322) Stetina: Metal Rhythm Guitar Volume 1 (HL00699319) Stetina: Speed Mechanics For Lead Guitar (HL00699323) Stevens: Play Acoustic Guitar With Cat Stevens BK/CD (AM976767) Stewart: Rod Stewart (Signature Licks) (0634034383) Sting: Fields of Gold: The Best of Sting: 1984-1994 - Guitar Recorded Versions (AM933537) Sting: Play Guitar With Sting (AM968000) Sultan: Acoustic Blues Guitar (Sultan) (HL00000336) SUM 41: All Killer, No Filler (GTAB) (0634036505) SUM 41: Sum 41, Best Of (0634064037) Tagliarino: Classic Rock Guitar Soloing (HL00320509) Tapella: Classic Rock Guitar Styles (HL00695042) Tapella: Dictionary Of Guitar Styles (HL00695162) Tapella: Guitar Styles Of The '90's (HL00695086) Tapella: More Challenge The Masters (HL00699392) THE BEATLES: Master Session (DV10175) THE BEATLES: Play Guitar With.. The Beatles Volume 3 (NO90689) THE BEATLES: Play Guitar With... Best Of The Beatles (NO90705) THE BEATLES: The Beatles For Classical Guitar (NO90555) THE BEATLES: The Beatles for Classical Guitar Revised Edition (NO91003) THE BEATLES: The Beatles For Classical Guitar: Volume 2 (NO17782) THE BEATLES: The Beatles For Jazz Guitar (NO90512) THE BLUES BROTHERS: Play Guitar With... The Blues Brothers (AM951896) THE CHARLATANS: Charlatans, The best of the (GTAB) (0571524478) THE DOORS: Chord Songbook (AM973390) THE EAGLES: Eagles, Hell Freezes Over Guitar Tablature (IMP3038A) THE EAGLES: Jam With The Eagles (IMP4588A) THE MONKEES: Guitar Legends: The Monkees (IMP5679A) THE OFFSPRING: Americana (GTAB) (0634014986) THE OFFSPRING: Americana (TAB) (0634006320) THE OFFSPRING: Ignition (Recorded version) (0634044303) THE POLICE: The Police Guitar Signature Licks BK/CD (HL00695724) THE ROLLING STONES: Guitar Anthology (HL00690631) THE VERVE: The Verve: guitar playalong (GTAB/CD) (0571524699) Thompson: Basically Speaking Guitar Video PAL (IMP21816) Thompson: Beginning Acoustic Guitar: Instructional DVD For Guitar (HL00320392) Train: Train, Best of (0634067990) U2: All That You Can't Leave Behind (AM968451) U2: Edge, The Guitar Masters (DV10307) U2: Play Guitar With... The Best Of U2 (AM980793) U2: The Best Of U2 (Recorded Versions) (AM68024) Vai, Steve: Alien Love Secrets Naked Vamps CD included (HL00695223) Vai, Steve: Flex-able Leftovers (GTAB) (0634002007) Vai, Steve: Ultra Zone, The (GTAB) (0634012843) Vai, Steve: Ultra Zone: Naked Vamps (0634040553) Vai, Steve: Vai, Steve Master Session (DV10219) Vaughan: Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Play-Along Volume 49 (HL00699725) Vinson: Lead Guitar (AM11198) Weider: Rockabilly Guitar Lesson 2 (Weider) (HL00641748) Winston: Step One: Play Blues Guitar (AM942040) 100 Superstar Guitar Sounds On A Stompbox Budget (CLM02503100) 1001 All-Time Hit Songs (AM951973) 101 Songs For Easy Guitar Book 2 (AM23540) 101 Songs For Easy Guitar Book 4 (AM29075) 12-Bar Blues Solos/CD (HL00699765) 21st Century Rock Chord Songbook (AM968737) 21st Century Rock Chord Songbook Volume 3 (AM975920) 21st Century Rock Tab 4 (AM89492) 21st Century Rock: Play-Along Chord Songbook (AM91980) 25 All Time Big Rock Guitar Hits (AM972873) 4-Chord Songbook Today's Hits (AM987778) 4-Chord Songbook: Bob Marley (AM988196) 50 Riffs for Rock Guitar (with CD) (TAB) (1859097618) 60's Guitar Classics (HL90000561) 70's Guitar Classics :Guitar Recorded Versions (HL90000605) 70s Hits Chord Songbook (AM967857) 80's Guitar Classics (HL90000550) 80's Hits Chord Songbook (AM967868) 90s Rock For Easy Guitar Tab (HL90000473) Acoustic Guitar Bible (Guitar Recorded Versions) (HL90001575) Acoustic Guitar Greatest Hits: Play-Along Chord Songbook (AM89650) Acoustic Guitar White Pages (HL90001857) Acoustic Hits For Easy Guitar Tab (HL90000440) Acoustic Songbook: Chord Songbook (AM91958) American Rock (HL90000539) Anthology Of Country Blues (0898986931) Beginners Fingerpicking (1576232808) Beginning Rock Guitar (AM37292) Best Guitar Collection Of All Time For Easy Guitar (HL90001520) Best In Broadway Sheet Music PVG (MF9737) Best Of 21st Century Guitar (HL90002429) Big Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook Female (AM975315) Big Book Of Ballads For Acoustic Guitar (AM972312) Big Book Of Riffs TAB (HL90001725) Big Book Of Rock Hits For Acoustic Guitar (AM976415) BLUES GUITAR SONGS CD included (HL00697385) Blues Picture Chords And How To Use Them (AM21676) Casebook Blues Lick (0769293441) Challenge The Masters (HL00660145) Classic Acoustic Playlist 2 (VG) (1843287382) Classic Blues For Easy Guitar (HL00702016) Classic Hits For Easy Guitar Tab $0> *Item (Sub head):Gold Edition (AM951270) Classic Rock Of The 70'S Soft Rock The Singer Songwriters GTR TAB (GFM0120) Classic Rock Of The 80's Progressive, Glam And Video Generation GTAB (GFM0121) Classic Rock Of The 90S Alternative, Modern and Unplugged TAB (GFM0124) Classical Guitar Anthology (0757909914) Coldplay The Singles & B-Sides (AM990550) Deep Purple Ultimate Minus One Guitar Trax GTAB BK/CD (ML2302) Essential Acoustic Playlist 2 (guitar) (1843284111) Fast Track Guitar :Level 1 Songbook 2 (HL00695343) Fast Track Guitar 2 Songbook 2 (HL00695344) Fast Track Guitar Level 1 Songbook (HL00697287) Fast Track Guitar Level 2 Songbook (HL00697296) Flatpicking Guitar Essentials Folk And Bluegrass (HL00699174) Great Songs For Guitar-White Book (AM1004091) Great Songs Of The 1950s For Guitar (HL90002198) Great Songs Of The 1960s For Guitar (HL90002209) Great Songs Of The 1970s For Guitar (HL90002220) Great Songs Of The 1980s For Guitar (HL90002231) Great Songs Of The 1990s For Guitar (HL90002242) Guitar Chordfinder (Acoustic) DVD (DV10034) Guitar Identification :3rd Edition (HL00330478) Guitar Library: Classical Vol.2 (185909242X) Guitar Play-Along Volume 3: Hard Rock (HL00699573) Guitar Play-Along Volume 4: Pop / Rock (HL90002594) Guitar Play-Along Volume 57: System Of A Down (HL00699751) Guitar Play-Along: Aerosmith 37 (HL00321216) Guitar Play-Along: The Police (HL00700269) Guitar Secrets Harmonic Minor Rv (076920029X) Guitar Sherpa: Trey Alexander - Atomic Rock Guitar (TF10024) Guitar Tab White Pages (HL90001681) Guitar Tab White Pages: Volume 2 (HL90002297) Gypsy Guitar (0757914454) Hard Rock Guitar Bible (Guitar Recorded Versions) (HL90001564) Hit Session: Hard Stuff (BOE7111) HLGM Easy Pop Melodies Book Only (HL90002099) HLGM Even More Easy Pop Melodies Book Only (HL90002143) HLGM Even More Easy Pop Melodies Book/CD (HL90002022) HLGM More Easy Pop Melodies Book Only (HL90002132) HLGM More Easy Pop Melodies Book/CD (HL90002011) Hot Licks: Mick Taylor - Rock, Blues & Slide Guitar (HOT114) Improvising The Rock (ML2660) In Session With Steve Vai (IMP6605A) Jam With 70s Rock (AM967428) Joe Satriani: Classic Songs (HL02500913) Kenny Sultan Guitar Blues Bk/Cd (0757917127) La Catedral For Guitar Solo (0769212808) Linkin Park Hybrid Theory (0757904475) Lonnie Johnson Country Blues (076923318X) Maxixe For Solo Guitar (0757929605) Modern Guitar Playalong Guitar BK/CD (IMP9857A) New Breed (Featuring The Biggest Bands) (AM981079) New Rock Collection Guitar Recorded Versions (HL90000407) New Rock Generation, The (chord songbook (0571524729) Ocean Colour Scene For Easy Guitar Tab (AM951335) Perfect Circle Mer De Noms (0634020846) Play Acoustic Guitar With 20 Great Hits (AM976734) PLAY ALONG Vol.59. GODSMACK (HL00699773) Play Guitar Today! Songbook (HL00696102) Play Guitar With 20 Metal Bands BK/2CD (AM976745) Play Guitar With Blink 182, Sum 41, Alien Ant Farm, Andrew W.K., The Dandy Warholes And American Hi-Fi. (AM974842) Play guitar with LED ZEPPELIN the blues/CD (AM985380) Play Guitar With... 20 Rock Classics (AM92108) Play Guitar With... Blues Legends (AM958507) Play Guitar With... The 70s (AM957759) Play Guitar With... The 80's (AM957760) Play Guitar With... The Metals (AM954426) Pop Hits For Classical Guitar (AM92625) Pop Hits For Easy Guitar (HL90000572) Real Blues Guitar Cd Revised (089898579X) Really Easy Guitar 21st Century Rock (AM975645) Red Hot Chili Peppers (HL00690055) Riffology Of AC/DC (AM986898) Rock 'N' Roll For Easy Guitar (HL90000540) Rock Guitar Bible (Guitar Recorded Versions) (HL90001542) Rock Guitar Chord Deck (AM975469) Rock GuitarThe Secrets 1 (ML98851) Rockschool Guitar - Debut (2012-2018) (RSK051201) Rockschool Guitar - Grade 1 (2012-2018) (RSK051202) Rockschool Guitar - Grade 2 (2012-2018) (RSK051203) Rockschool Guitar - Grade 3 (2012-2018) (RSK051204) Searchers Guitar Legends GTAB (IMP5680A) Six Chord Songbook, Christmas Favourites (AM91461) Slide Guitar Monsters :Guitar Recorded Versions (HL00690308) Slowhand Greatest Guitar Solos Ever 1 (AM957407) Spider-Man Music From & Inspired (0634050419) STADIUM ARCADICUM Red Hot Chili Peppers /2CD (HL00690862) Stars In Your Eyes Number 1 Hits (IMP9028A) STEVE VAI Alive in an Ultra World (HL00690575) Stone Sour (0634056158) Story Of The Year Page Avenue (0634078860) Strum It! Big Book Of Hits (HL90001714) Tarantino Collection GTAB (AM980837) The 3 Chord Songbook Book 1 (AM28986) The 3 Chord Songbook Book 2 (AM33325) The 3 Chord Songbook Book 3 (AM33333) The Bands Guitar Tab Edition (AM976129) The Best Chord Changes For Eighty Of The Greatest Songs Ever Written (HL90000176) The Best Guitar Chord Songbook Ever :Volume 3 (AM954118) The Best Guitar Chord Songbook Ever 8 (AM956175) The Best Guitar Songs Ever (HL90000671) The Big Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook (Gold Edition) (AM967813) The Big Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook - Alt Country (AM974831) The Big Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook: Love Songs (AM92110) The Big Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook: Platinum 2 (AM91511) The Big Guitar Chord Songbook: 50s (AM91934) The Big Guitar Chord Songbook: Classic Rock (AM973313) The Big Guitar Chord Songbook: The Seventies (AM970365) The Big Guitar Chord Songbook: The Sixties (AM970354) The Big Rock Guitar Chord Songbook: Female (AM91036) The Giant Guitar Chord Songbook The Electric Collection (AM985281) Three Paraguyan Dances Solo Gtr (0769291996) Thursday War All The Time (0634069780) Total Guitar: Sultans Of Swing :Volume 2 (AM956472) Troy Dexter: Rockabilly Guitar (HL00320610) U218 SINGLES The Ultimate U2 Collection (AM989087) Windham Hill Guitar Sampler :Guitar Recorded Versions (AM933592) Your Favourite Songs For Christmas For Easy Guitar (AM951258)