Setting: Latin and Afro- Percussion (44 items)
CARUBA: The Contemporary Percussionist (HL00000373) Charly: Samba Percussion (AMAV610463) Clarissa: Meine große BongoSchule (AMAV610263) Clarissa: Meine kleine BongoSchule (AMAV610203) CONTE: Live At PAS (IMP5133A) EVANS: Authentic Conga Rhythms Revised (0769220185) Fink: Conga Brazil (EE2839) Fink: Ritmo (EE2813) Gajate-Garcia: Play Bongos & Hand Percussion Now (0757910653) Gajate-Garcia: Play Timbales Now (0757923720) Kästli: DjembéSpiel (AMAV610367) Ludin: Flying Congas (IMP5110A) MENDOZA: Berklee Latin Jazz Grooves (HL50448003) MONZON: When Music Works: Basic Afro-Cuban Rhythms DVD (HL50448012) Reed: Progressive Steps to Bongo and Conga.. (F.17316) REKOW & PERAZZO: Supernatural Rhythm and Grooves (IMP902924PAL) Rendon: The Art Of Playing Timbales (MIM003) Sanabria: Getting Started On Congas (0757995853) Silverman: Poncho Sanchez' Conga Cookbook (HL02500278) Schüler: Master of Percussion (AMAV610395) Stieger: Ethno-Percussion Vol. I (AMAV610478) Stieger: Ethno-Percussion Vol. II (AMAV610479) Stieger: The Real Conga Book (AMAV610477) Teague: Steelpan Method (HL00111629) Uribe: The Essence Of Afro-Cuban Percussion (IMP5160A) Uribe: The Essence Of Afro-Cuban Percussion & Drumset (1576236196) A Master's Approach to Timbales (IMP0111B) Adventures In Rhythm: Volume 1 (Gajate-Garcia, Richie) (0757915566) Adventures In Rhythm: Volume 2 (Gajate-Garcia, Richie) (0757915574) African Drum (0757923186) Authentic Bongo Rhythms (IMP50630) Authentic Bongo Rhythms Revised (0769220177) Conga Virtuoso (0757913970) Have Fun Playing Bongos (IMP905854) How to Play... Latin American Rhythm Instruments (0769259898) In The Tradition (0757913989) Intro to Brazilian Percussion DVD (LPV136D) Introduction To Brazilian Percussion (0757915728) Luis Conte Studio Percussionist (0757915590) Nur für Anfänger - PERCUSSION (BOE7404) Play Congas Now (IMP0434B) The Essence Of Brazilian Percussion & Drum Set (076922024X) The Rhythmic Construction of a Salsa Tune, Vol. 1 (0757915558) The Tomas Cruz Conga Method 2 (MLB20300DP)