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Agostini: Initiation a La Batterie (MK11837) Agostini: Methode De Batterie 1 (MK3364) Agostini: Methode De Batterie 2 (MK3365) Agostini: Methode De Batterie 3 (MK3366) Agostini: Methode De Batterie 4 (MK3367) Agostini: Methode De Batterie 5 (MK3368) Agostini: Preparation au Dechifrage Vol.1 (drums) (MK8960) Agostini: Preparation au Dechifrage Vol.2 (drums) (MK8961) Agostini: Solfege Rythmique 2 (MK3) Agostini: Solfege Rythmique (Instrumental Solo) 1 (MK2) Agostini: Solfege Syncope 1 (MK7) Agostini: Solfege Syncope 2 (MK8) DJ KNS: DJ Mixing And Remixing: Featuring DJ KNS (DVD) (IMP904926) Erskine: Mon Livre / My Book (2911567021) Gadd: American Drummers Achievement Awards 2 DVD Set (HL00320445) Gietz: Swing durch die Welt (Z61) HARRISON: Gavin Harrison: Rhythmic Visions (DVD) (IMP904933) Jimbo: Evolution (Video) (IMP7402A) KORN: In Session with Korn (Drum/CD) (1859099440) LOMBARDO: Power Grooves (HL06620018) LUZIER: Double Bass Techniques (HL00695876) Martinez: Brazillian Coordination For Drumset (HL00695284) METALLICA: Classic Songs (Drums) (HL02500839) MILLER: The Drum Set Crash Course DVD (IMP904497) PINK: Drum Play-Along: Pink Floyd (HL00701612) PORCARO: Instructional For Drums (HL00320398) Red Hot Chili Peppers: Stadium Arcadium (HL00690854) REKOW & PERAZZO: Supernatural Rhythm and Grooves (DVD/CD) (IMP902925) RICH: Buddy Rich Live At Montreal Jazz Festival DVD/CD (HL00320423) RICH: Jazz Legend DVD (IMP903792) Riley: Ragtime and Beyond: Evolution Of A Style Video PAL (IMP22173) SEBASTIAN: Independence On The Drumset (HL06620090) Smith: Steve Smith, Part Two (IMP20471) SPAGNARDI: Progressive Independence (HL00330290) Strohbach: Tanz rueber - tanz nueber (OB4744-81) WEBB: DJing With CDs: Featuring DJ Gerald 'World-Wide' Webb (DVD) (IMP904925) Wöhrlin: Rhythm And Body Percussion (HMP0484) Zubraski: Absolute beginners - Spanish (OV11979) BENNY GREB - The Language Of Drumming (HUD700832) Big Band Play-Along Volume 6: Latin (HL00843133) Brushworks (DVD17) Classic Jazz Drummers Swing And Beyond (HUD700326) Contemporary Drummer + One (ALF0022CD) Drum Tips: Part 1 DVD (IMP904830) Drum Tips: Part 2 DVD (IMP904831) I've Got You Under My Skins (ALF19628) Jazz Classics: Big Band Play-Along (HL00843101) Lessons With The Greats Drums (1576238342) Patterns Rhythm & Meter (0769234690) Patterns Sticking Drum (0769234763) Patterns Time Functioning (0769234771) Rockschool Drums - Debut (2012-2018) (RSK051219) Rockschool Drums - Grade 1 (2012-2018) (RSK051220) Rockschool Drums - Grade 2 (2012-2018) (RSK051221) Rockschool Drums - Grade 3 (2012-2018) (RSK051222) Rubank Intermediate Method (HL04470260) Tamburello & Tammorra (ML3196) The Art of Playing Brushes (HL00320649) The Commandments Of R & B Drumming: The Soul Era Zoro (IMP7403A) The Commandments Of R&B Drumming Hip-Hop Era Zoro Vol 3 Video PAL (IMP7405A) Trinity College London Rock & Pop (FTCL016997) UBS Drum Basics Megapack DVD (IMP9572A) Unreal Drum Book (0757917410)