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Alexander: Live Performance & Commentary (HL00320375) Almeida: Brazilian Rhythms For The Drumset - Bossa Nova And Samba (DRM119) Anonymous: Moi Aussi... Je Joue (Batterie) (MLR00083400) Anonymous: Suono Anch'Io: La Batteria (MLR00080000) APPICE: Guitar Zeuz Drum Trax (0757919162) Bányay: Jazz Drum Tutor (3536) Bányay: Rhythm Improvisation 1 (13264) Bányay: Rhythm Improvisation 2 (13663) Bányay: World of Rhythm (6505) Basner: Double Bass Drum II (FH1058) BECK: M.I. Musicians Guide To Recording Drums BK/CD (HL00695755) Becker: Drum Basics (AMAV610163E) Bellson: Contemporary Brush Techniques (F.19624) Berg: Double Bassdrum (AMAV610157) BLINK-182: Blink 182 Best of Drum Transcriptions (HL00690621) Bomhof: Schule für Drumset 1 (DHP0991682-400) Bomhof: Schule für Drumset 2 (DHP1002121-400) BON JOVI: Drums Play-Along: Bon Jovi (HL00200891) BOWDERS: Double Bass Drumming Workshop (HL00695869) Serino: INTERPLAY RITMICO PER BASSO E BATTERIA ETNICA - CON CD (MLR00059500) Tullio: NUOVI ORIZZONTI MUSICALI. BATTERIA ETNICA E TRADIZIONALE (MLR00049900) Manca: OLTRE I NUOVI ORIZZONTI MUSICALI: INTERAZIONE TRA LE (MLR00055500) BRUFORD: Bruford, Bill & The Beat Drums (IMP20462) BRUFORD: When In Doubt, Roll (HL06630298) Capitani: SCUOLA DI BATTERIA (MLR00054100) Capitani: SCUOLA DI BATTERIA (MLR00061600) CHAFFEE: Linear Time Playing (0769233694) CHAFFEE: Linear Time Playing: Funk & Fusion Grooves For The Modern Styles (IMP19074) Chambers: Dennis Chambers In The Pocket (0757995527) Chambers: In The Pocket (0757900070) CHESTER: The New Breed (HL06620100) Chet: Gretsch Drums: The Legacy Of 'That Great Gretsch Sound' (HL00000176) Christian: Drumgroove Puzzle (AMAV610274) Christian: Ich spiele Schlagzeug in einer Band! (AMAV610183) Christian: Mein erstes SchlagzeugSolo (AMAV610215) Clark: Funk Drumming (HL06620084) Claus Fischer_Helge Rosenbaum: Masters Of Drums (AMAV610140) Cobham: Billy Cobham Conundrum Perc (075799556X) Cobham: Directions in Percussion (1859093612) Cobham: Drums By Design (0757995896) Cobham: Drums By Design (0769233686) Cobham: Ultimate Play-Along: Billy Cobham Conundrum Drum Trax (IMP0452B) Dahmen: Drum Book (AMAV610125) Dahms: Tam Tam. Die Schlagzeugschule für Kinder (BA8137) Dahms: Tam Tam. Die Schlagzeugschule für Kinder (BA8138) Damiani: Batteria e percussioni - vol. 1 (MLR00071000) Damiani: Batteria e percussioni - vol. 1 (MLR00071100) Damiani: Batteria e percussioni - vol. 2 (MLR00086500) Damiani: Primamusica: Batteria Vol.1 (MLR00085900) Damiani: Primamusica: Batteria Vol.2 (MLR00086000) DeJohnette: Musical Expression On The Drum Set (HL00641739) DeJohnette: The Art Of Modern Jazz Drumming (HL06620602) DINKINS: It'S About Time (0757914101) R. Dipace, DIPACE, RINO: APPUNTI DI BATTERIA (MLR00052900) Dirk: Chart Reading I (AMAV610224) Dirk: Jamtracks Vol. II für Drummer (AMAV626612) Dirk: Jamtracks Vol. III für Drummer (AMAV626613) Dirk: Pocket Rhythms For Drums (AMAV610304) Dowd: Jazz Rock & Latin Sourcebook (0897249275) Erskine: Drumset Essentials Complete (F.23879) Erskine: Drumset Essentials. Volume 1. (F.20621) Erskine: Essential Drum Fills (F.30291) Erskine: Everything is Timekeeping I & II (F.34111) Erskine: The Erskine Method (F.22699) Erskine: The Erskine Method - Book (F.22698) Erskine: The Erskine Method - Book/DVD (F.22700) Firth: Grove Essentials 2.0 (HL00320806) Gadd: Hudson Music Master Series (HL00320835) Gadd: In Session (0757999700) Gadd: Up Close (0757999719) Gadd: Up Close (0769260608) Gadd: Up Close (IMP2107A) Gatzen: Drum Tuning (0757999727) Golly: Analyzing Gospel Chops (AMAV610509) Green: Green Day Authentic Drums Playalong/CD (0571525474) GUNS N' ROSES: Guns N' Roses Authentic Drums Playlng/CD (0571527515) HAKIM: Express Yourself (0757927777) HAKIM: Let It Flow (0757927785) HAPKE: Hapke Drums Easy 2 DVD (German) (BOE7128) Hassell: Graded Course for Drum Kit 2 (0571532853) Hassell: Graded Course For Drum Kit Book 1 (0571532845) Holland: The Complete Book Of Drum Fills (HL06620603) Houghton: Essential Styles 1 (F.4300) Houghton: Essential Styles 2 (F.4302) KENNEDY: Be A Drumhead (IMP8044A) Klaus: 5x5 Rock, take off 1 (AMAV610357) Klaus: 5x5 Rock, take off 2 - Double Bassdrum (AMAV610358) Kleinehanding: NullkommaNixx für Drumsetbeginner (EB8885) Kopetzki: Dinos Dance (BPN025-109) Kopetzki: Fata Morgana (BPN025-110) Kopetzki: Ready-Steady-Go! (BPN025-225) Kopetzki: Walk, Man! (BPN025-234) KRUPA: Gene Krupa Drum Method (0760400857) LED ZEPPELIN: Led Zeppelin Drum Techniques (0769283993) Lederman: Drumming Styles (book/CD) (0571532195) LENNON: Drum Play-Along: Lennon & McCartney 15 (HL00700271) Lukas Fabian Meier: Die kleine SchlagzeugSchule (AMAV610414) MAGADINI: Polyrhythms For The Drumset (IMP6147A) MAGADINI: The Complete Drumset Rudiments (HL06620016) Manca: Very Easy Drums (MLR00082700)