Setting: Recorder and piano (116 items)  
Adams: Concert Repertoire for recorder (0571523862) Adams: First Repertoire for Descant Recorder (0571523285) Arnold: Sonatina For Recorder And Piano (PAT60050) Babell: Sonata III g-Moll (DM1220) Bali: A Baroque Ornamentation Tutor for recorder (14409) Bali: Bevezetés az avantgárdba (14865) Bali: Introduction to the avantgarde (14734) Barrie: Italian Opera Fun For Recorder (NOV120696-01) Barrie: TV Themes Fun For Recorder (NOV120706) Barsanti: Sonata G minor (OFB1019) Barsanti: Sonata in B flat major for Treble Recorder or Flute and Basso Continuo (HM185) Barsanti: Sonata in C major (HM183) Bartók: From Gyergyó (3744) Baston: Concerto No.2 (OFB1032) Baston: Concerto No. 6 D major (OFB1033) Beethoven: ROMANZA, PER FLAUTO DOLCE SOPRANO E PIANOFORTE (NR13232900) Bergmann: First Book of Treble Solos (complete) (057156853X) Bergmann: Second Book of Descant Solos (complete) (0571506763) Bergmann: Second Book of Treble Solos (complete) (0571506623) Bigaglia: 12 Sonatas (BP317) Bigaglia: Sonata in G minor (OFB4) Bigaglia: Sonate (OFB3) Bigaglia: Zwölf Sonaten I (BP0317) Bigaglia: Zwölf Sonaten II (BP0318) Blake: Walking in the Air (recorder and piano) (0571580173) Boismortier: Concerto (DOL315) Bonsor: Jazzy Recorder 2 (UE19364) Bonsor: Really Easy Recorder Book (with piano) (057151037X) Bonsor: Tango (ED10758) Bonsor: Tenor Recorder Solos (part) (0571504744) Bonsor: Tenor Recorder Solos (recorder & piano) (0571508405) Castello: 2 Sonatas (BP797) Daróci Bárdos Tamás: 'A banyának három lába...' (14835) Daróci Bárdos Tamás: Volt nékem egy kis szarkám (D1483501) Fontana: Sonatas 1 & 3 (1641) (MR1959) Fortin: Konzert (DOBL4465) Glanville-Hicks: Sonatina (ED10029) Schubert: Ave Maria (UE37231) Händel: Ballet Music for descant recorder (or flute or oboe or violin) with harpsichord or piano accompaniment (14408) Händel: Complete Recorder Sonatas (057150566X) Händel: Trio Sonata (two recorders and continuo) (0571506275) Heberle: Concerto in G major (Petri) (COPY) (WH29869) Hook: Sonata G Major (ED10108) Hook: Sonata No 6 (ED10961) Hook: Sonatina No. 2 (ED10139) Hook: Sonatina No.1 (ED10138) Hotteterre: 4 Suites Op.5 vol 2: FDmin (GM23B) Jacob: Sonata (MR1116) Kállay: Key exercises for descant recorder (14071) Kovács: Hungarian Folksongs (7348) Kramer: Rondeau Hongrois (DOL211) Leigh: Sonatina (OFB1041) Lloyd: Cats Selection (descant recorder part) (0571509045) Lloyd: Cats Selection Instrumental Solo & Piano Accompaniment) (0571509037) Lőrincz: Recorder ABC (14090) Mancini: Sonata in D minor for Treble Recorder and Basso Contunio (HM220) Marcello: Sonata G major Op.1 No.7 (73700) Mozart: The Genius of Mozart (KM3612029) Paisible: Suite en fa majeur (D1418719) Pearson: Variations on 'Lulle me beyond thee' (ED11742) Pepusch: Three Sonatas (73702) Pitts: Recorder Duets From The Beginning Book 1 Teacher's Book (CH61251) Pitts: Recorder Duets from the Beginning: Teacher's Book 3 (CH61253) Pitts: Recorder From The Beginning Blues Rags & Boogies Teacher's Book (CH61384) Pitts: Recorder From The Beginning Pops And Shows Teacher's Book (CH61540) Purcell: A Purcell Suite (ED13218) Purcell: Sonata in D minor (UE14049) Roehr: Sonatine (ED3919) Roehr: Sonatine (ED4889) Rózsavölgyi: First Hungarian Ballroom Dance for alto recorder and piano (RET066) Russell-Smith: Jazzy Recorder 1 (UE18828) Sammartini: 12 Sonaten 1 (OFB81) Sammartini: 12 Sonaten 2 (OFB82) Sammartini: 12 Sonaten 3 (OFB83) Sammartini: 6 Sonatas (treble recorder and continuo) (0571506968) Sammartini: Concerto F major (OFB1021) Strecke: Tio and Friends (EB8910) Telemann: Don Quixote Suite (ED13219) Telemann: Four Sonatas (HM6) Telemann: Partita No. 4 G minor (OFB1038) Telemann: Sonatas (13542) Valentine: 12 Sonatas for Recorder (or Flute) and Basso continuo (12054) Vivaldi: 4 Sonate per flauto dolce e basso continuo (orig. per violino) (14130) Watts: Red Hot Recorder Duets 1 (KM3612030) Watts: Red Hot Recorder Duets 2 (KM3612096) Wedgwood: Easy Jazzin' About (desc.recorder & pno) (0571523293) Wedgwood: Really Easy Jazzin' About (recorder) (0571524087) 34 English Airs (14187) 77 performance pieces (LI1308) Album of classical Pieces (ED4099) Baroque Masters of Variation for Descant and Treble Recorder 1 (14136) Baroque Masters of Variation for Descant and Treble Recorder 2 (14137) Baroque Recorder Anthology 2 (ED13135) Baroque Recorder Anthology 3 (ED13324) Baroque Recorder Anthology 1 (ED13134) CHILD'S PLAY (13846) Concert Collection (ED7213) Concerto (ED20182) DANCES OF THE BAROQUE ERA (13100) French Baroque Suites for recorder and continuo (14477)