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AC/DC: AC/DC - Live (AM91047) AC/DC: AC/DC - Back In Black (AM83056) AC/DC: Anthology (AM85564) AC/DC: Bonfire (AM945670) AC/DC: Classic AC/DC (AM87458) AC/DC: Play Guitar With... AC/DC (AM955900) AC/DC: Stiff Upper Lip (AM965668) AC/DC: The best of AC/DC (ML2397) AC/DC: The Definitive AC/DC Songbook (AM977119) Adams: The Best of Me (AM965943) AEROSMITH: Aerosmith 1973-1979 (Sig Licks) (GTAB/CD (0793569699) AEROSMITH: Aerosmith: Greatest Hits (GTAB) (0793520932) AEROSMITH: Big Ones (0793539609) ALLMAN: The Definitive Collection For Guitar Volume 1 (0793535077) ALLMAN: The Definitive Collection for Guitar Volume 2 (GTAB) (0793535085) ALTER: One Day Remains (HL00690755) AMOS: Tori Amos - For Fingerstyle Guitar (AM948618) Bach: Gamba Sonatas (viol or cello/cont) (0571508804) Bach: Gamba Sonatas (Vla or Cello/cont) (0571567584) BELKADI: M.I. Jazz-Rock Triad Improvising For Guitar BK/CD (HL00695361) Bennett: Ganz Einfach Bloeffen Blues-Guitarre (BOE7213) BENSON: In Session with George Benson (1859096468) BENSON: In Session With George Benson (IMP6603A) BERRY: Chuck Berry Recorded Version Gtr (0793502632) BERRY: Chuck Berry's Greatest Hits:Guitar Tab (AM91663) BERRY: Chuck Berry: 1926-2017 (AM1013111) BERRY: In Session with Chuck Berry (GTAB/CD) (1859097022) BERRY: Play Guitar With... Chuck Berry (AM943789) BLACK: Black Sabbath Best Of/Cd Sig Lic (0793587905) BLACK: Black Sabbath: Anthology (AM62019) BLACK: Black Sabbath: Master Of Reality :Guitar Recorded Versions (AM946320) BLACK: Black Sabbath::Guitar Recorded Versions (AM946319) BLACK: Paranoid - Guitar Recorded Versions (AM946870) BLACK: The Best Of Black Sabbath: Guitar Signature Licks (AM949740) BLACK: The Best Of Black Sabbath:Guitar Tab Edition (AM928818) BLAKE: Masters of Country Blues Guitar: Blind Blake (IMP2432A) BLINK-182: Dude Ranch (GTAB) (1843281422) BLINK-182: Enema of the State (GTAB/vocal) (1903692245) BLINK-182: Take off your pants & jacket (TAB/vocal) (1843280957) BOLAN: The Best of Marc Bolan And T. Rex (AM975953) BON JOVI: Bounce (AM976448) Bowie: Play Acoustic Guitar With...David Bowie (AM967109) BRAKES: Ether Song (GTAB) (1843283875) BRAKES: Optimistic Lp, The (GTAB) (1843281023) Bridges: The Gig Bag Book Of Guitar Tab Chords (AM943250) BROWN: REH Jazz-Rock Solos For Guitar BK/CD (HL00695449) BUSTED: Busted (GTAB) (184328555X) BUSTED: Present for Everyone (GTAB) (1843287013) CHICAGO: Chicago: The Definitive Guitar Collection (AM947584) CLAPTON: Clapton - The Bluesman: Guitar Signature Licks (AM949608) CLAPTON: Clapton Chronicles:The Best Of Eric Clapton (AM962390) CLAPTON: Eric Clapton For Easy Guitar Tab (AM951302) CLAPTON: Eric Clapton: A Life In The Blues (AM931216) CLAPTON: Eric Clapton: Unplugged :E-Z Play Guitar (AM928004) CLAPTON: Eric Clapton: Unplugged (Guitar Recorded Versions) (AM91067) CLAPTON: Jam With Eric Clapton (AM953920) CLAPTON: Play Guitar With... Eric Clapton (AM950862) CLAPTON: The Best Of Eric Clapton: Guitar Recorded Versions (AM941171) CLAPTON: The Best of Eric Clapton: Signature Licks (AM91206) CLINE: The Best Of Patsy Cline :Easy Guitar With Notes & Tab (AM947254) COOPER: The Best Of Alice Cooper (AM941996) COUNTING: Recovering the Satellites (GTAB) (0793578833) CREED: Creed Weathered Guitar Recorded Versions (HL00690551) CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL: Creedence Clearwater Revival Ult Minus 1 (8850704577) CROW: Sheryl Crow: Greatest hits so far (GTAB) (1859098738) CROW: Very Best Of Sheryl Crow (0757919545) Crue: Motley Crue:Greatest Hits (GTAB) (0757914225) Deep: Deep Purple Anthology (GTAB) (8850706316) Deep: Deep Purple Ultimate Minus 1 Cd (8850703937) Deep: Deep Purple, The best of (1843287412) Denver: John Denver Songbook (0757978975) Dineen: The Gig Bag Of Scales For All Guitarists (AM941370) DIRE: Play Guitar With... Dire Straits (DG70735) DOVES: Last Broadcast, The (GTAB) (1843282143) DOVES: Lost Souls (GTAB) (185909922X) DREAM: Ultimate Minus One (ML2370) DYLAN: Bob Dylan: Anthology (AM975436) ELBOW: Asleep in the back (GTAB/vocal) (184328037X) ELBOW: Leaders of the Free World (GTAB) (0571524877) Ellington: Duke Ellington Sacred Concert (9188942961) EMBRACE: Best of Embrace (GTAB) (057152446X) ESCHETE: Chord-Melody Phrases for Guitar (REH Prolessons series) (HL00695628) EVANESCENCE: Anywhere but home (0757939228) EVANESCENCE: Fallen (easy guitar TAB) (0757937608) FORD: Blues for Guitar (HL00071201) Gambale: Gambale, F Speed Picking For Guitar BK/CD (HLE00070033) Ganapes: More Blues You Can Use (HL00695165) GOMEZ: Bring it on (GTAB) (1859096778) GOMEZ: Liquid Skin (GTAB) (1859098789) GRATEFUL: Grateful Dead - American Beauty GTAB (PGM0514) GRATEFUL: Grateful Dead Anthology (0769205291) GRATEFUL: Grateful Dead The Very Best Of (0757919103) GREEN: American Idiot (0757937381) GREEN: Green Day Dookie (0897244826) GREEN: Green Day New Best Of (076920533X) GREEN: International Superhits! (IMP0611B) GREEN: International Superhits! (GTAB) (0757990231) Green: In Session with Peter Green (GTAB/CD) (185909645X) GROSSMAN: Masters of Country Blues Guitar: Mississippi John Hurt (IMP55280) GUNS N' ROSES: Appetite for destruction (GTAB) (1903692199)