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AC/DC: Jam With AC/DC (AM961708) AC/DC: Lick Library: Learn To Play AC/DC (RDR0036) AC/DC: The Best of AC/DC (AM76688) AC/DC: The Chord Songbook (AM963501) Adams: Play Guitar With...Bryan Adams (AM963380) Adams: Really Easy Guitar! Bryan Adams (AM971806) AEROSMITH: Just Push Play (0634030221) Aledort: Beginning Electric Blues Guitar (Aledort) DVD (HL00320409) Anderson: All Chords In All Positions For Guitar (HL00695055) BELKADI: M.I. A Modern Approach To Jazz, Rock & Fusion Guitar BK/CD (HL00695143) Bennett: It's Easy To Bluff Metal Guitar (AM955207) Bennett: It's Easy To Bluff Rock Guitar (AM955218) Bennett: Really Easy Guitar! Rock Classics (AM957693) BENSON: Best Of George Benson - Revised Edition (IMP4885A) BLACK: Black Sabbath Riff by Riff Guitar (AM970761) BLACK: Play Guitar With... Black Sabbath (AM955911) Boehnlein: Basic Guitar Adjustments & Setups Pocket Guide (HL00695149) BON JOVI: Bon Jovi Master Session (DV10186) BON JOVI: Bon Jovi: Crush (AM967230) BON JOVI: Cross Road - Guitar Recorded Versions (AM933273) BON JOVI: Play Guitar With Bon Jovi (AM972851) BOWCOTT: Beginning Metal Rhythm Guitar (Bowcott) (HL00320441) Bowie: Best of DAVID BOWIE (0634030485) Bowie: Bowie, D Best Of Definitive Collection For Guitar (IMP9535A) BOX CAR RACER: Box Car Racer (GTAB) (0634051679) Bragg: Bragg Billy Back To Basics (IMP09843) Bream: Bream Guitar Library Volume 1: Baroque (0571506070) Bream: Bream Guitar Library Volume 1: Baroque (0571566944) Bream: Bream Guitar Library Volume 2: Classical (0571506089) Bream: Bream Guitar Library Volume 2: Classical (0571566952) BRIGGS: Rockin' And Rollin': Deluxe Edition DVD And 2 CDs (DV10065) BROWN: Beginning Rock Guitar For Kids (HL00699376) CELENTANO: Rock Around The Classics (HL00000205) CLAPTON: Unplugged Guitar Signature Licks (AM949146) CLAPTON: Clapton, Eric Master Session (DV10197) CLAPTON: Clapton, Eric Signature Licks - Solo Years (HL00320263) CLAPTON: Clapton, Eric Signature Licks Acoustic Guitar (HL00320265) CLAPTON: Guitar Play-Along Volume 41: Eric Clapton (HL00699669) CLAPTON: Play Acoustic Guitar With: Eric Clapton (AM965954) CLAPTON: Really Easy Guitar! Eric Clapton (AM968462) CLAPTON: Riding With The King (AM968242) CLAPTON: Rock With... Eric Clapton (DV10252) CREAM: The Cream of Cream (Composer: Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Peter Brown) (AM936969) DAVE MATTHEWS BAND 'DMB': Guitar Legendary Licks: Dave Matthews Band 1994-2001 (HL02500374) Deep: Deep Purple (Signature licks) (0634029428) Deep: Deep Purple Greatest Hits (0634049089) Disney: Disney Fingerstyle Guitar (HL00690009) Disney: Fingerpicking Disney (HL00699711) DYLAN: Blood On The Tracks - Bob Dylan (AM1012957) DYLAN: Frank Rich Presenteert Bob Dylan MLC (RMS100115) DYLAN: Play Acoustic Guitar With...Bob Dylan (AM955999) DYLAN: Play Guitar With...Bob Dylan (AM955944) DYLAN: Really Easy Guitar. Bob Dylan. Book and CD. J Bennett (AM971828) DYLAN: The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (AM1012946) DYLAN: Time Out Of Mind - Bob Dylan (AM1012968) Ellington: Duke Ellington Coll For Gtr Cd (1576234932) ELO: ELO Guitar Collection (0634038028) EVANS: Bill Evans Collection Solo Gtr (0769291708) FINDLAY: M.I. Creative Chord Shapes Guitarists Guide To Open-String Chord Forms (HL00695172) FOO FIGHTERS: Best of Foo Fighters (0634014706) Lorenzo: SCUOLA DI CHITARRA ELETTRICA: ROCK & BLUES (MLR00058400) Gaude: Guitar Duos Book 1 Op.57 (0571508014) Gaude: Guitar Duos Book 2 Op.60 (0571508022) Gershwin: Gershwin Collection For Guitar (0769262015) Gill: Modern Rock Guitar Soloing (HL00320510) Gill: Rock Lead Performance::Musicians InstituteMaster Class (HL00695278) GILMOUR: Play Guitar With... David Gilmour (AM954602) GOO GOO DOLLS: Dizzy up the girl (0634001701) GOO GOO DOLLS: Goo Goo Dolls Collection (0634015044) GOO GOO DOLLS: Gutterflower (0634049461) GOODRICK: The Advancing Guitarist (HL00603009) GREEN: Bullet in a Bible - DVD/CD Set (WEA49466) GUNS N' ROSES: Guns 'N' Roses Master Session (DV10208) GURMAN: Blues Rock Guitar Soloing (Gurman) DVD (HL00320395) Hamburger: Electric Slide Guitar (HL00695022) HENDRIX: 10 Classic Tunes (Jazz Play Along Series) (HL00843083) HENDRIX: Jimi Hendrix - Valleys of Neptune (HL00691033) Hindson: Rush. Guitar and string quartet (score) (0571566812) HOLDSWORTH: Melody Chords For Guitar (HL00000222) INCUBUS: Crow Left Of The Murder (GTAB) (0634078801) INCUBUS: Incubus, Best of (0634049054) INCUBUS: Make Yourself (recorded version) (0634023306) INCUBUS: Morning View (BASS TAB) (0634064924) IRON: Lick Library: Learn To Play Iron Maiden (RDR0077) IRON: Play Guitar With Iron Maiden (AM967340) Johnson: Swing & Big Band Guitar (HL00695147) JOHNSON: Best of Eric Johnson GRV (HL00690660) JOHNSON: Eric Johnson: Venus Isle (HL00690169) Johnson: Rory Block Teaches The Guitar of Robert Johnson (HL00641810) KING: King, BB Blues Master II (IMP21734) KISS: Guitar Play-Along Volume 30: Kiss (HL00699644) KOLB: 50 Licks Rock Style (HL00320380) KOLB: Fender Stratocaster Greats (Playing In The Style Of) DVD (HL00320381) LABORIEL: Beginning Funk Bass Instructional DVD For Bass (Laboriel) (HL00320399) Lawes: Suite for two guitars (0571501257) LENNON: Lennon And McCartney Guitar Play Along Volume 25 (HL00699642) Lloyd: Fingerpicking. 14 Songs (HL00699839) Malmsteen: Anthology (HL00690577) Malmsteen: Malmsteen, Yngwie Master Session (DV10230) Malmsteen: Yngwie Malmsteen Anthology (GTAB) (00690577)