Composer: Tihanyi László (15 items)
Tihanyi: Attis for violin solo (14099) Violin Tihanyi: Attis for violin solo (D14099) Violin Tihanyi: Eight Invocations to the Lunar Phases (14770) Viola and piano Tihanyi: Frieze - for viola and ensemble (2015) (14998) Chamber Music for Mixed  Ensemble Tihanyi: In the Forests of the Night for 15 strings (2015) (14947) String Orchestra Tihanyi: Irrlichtspiel (14126) Concerto (violin) Tihanyi: Jan Jansson's trip from Denmark to Denmark (14079) Flute Tihanyi: Linos for harp (14358) Harp Tihanyi: Preludium, Invocation, Postludium (14778) String Trio Tihanyi: Rundherum for piano and string quartet (14836) Chamber Music for Mixed  Ensemble Tihanyi: Scene for Five Characters (14673) Brass Quintet Tihanyi: Shadow Play (14157) Mixed Chamber Trio Tihanyi: Silence of the Winds (14053) Chamber Orchestra Tihanyi: Summer Music (14042) Chamber Orchestra Tihanyi: Two Imaginary Dialogues (2011) (14805) Chamber Orchestra