Composer: Lutosławski, Witold (52 items)
Lutosławski: 10 Polish Dances For Chamber Orchestra (9855020) Chamber Ensemble Lutosławski: 10 POLISH DANCES FOR CHAMBER ORCHESTRA - SCORE (9855010) Chamber Orchestra Lutosławski: ABC And Other Children's Songs For Voice And Piano (11408010) Voice and piano Lutosławski: BUCOLICS FOR PIANO (6200080) Piano Lutosławski: BUCOLICS FOR VIOLA AND CELLO (7536020) Chamber Ensemble Lutosławski: Bucolics For Viola And Cello (CH60920) String Duo Lutosławski: Bucolics for Violas (11447010) Viola (more) Lutosławski: Chantefleurs et Chantefables (10997010) Voice and piano Lutosławski: CHANTEFLEURS ET CHANTEFABLES - SCORE (9442010) Scores Lutosławski: Concerto For Cello And Orchestra (Score) (HB29102) Orchestra Lutosławski: CONCERTO FOR PIANO AND ORCHESTRA - PIANO REDUCTION (9052020) Piano Lutosławski: Dance Preludes (10344010) Viola and piano Lutosławski: Dance Preludes (10344020) Viola and piano Lutosławski: Dance Preludes (Original Version 1954) (CH55171) Clarinet and  Piano Lutosławski: Dance Preludes for Clarinet and Piano (5821090) Clarinet and  Piano Lutosławski: Epitaph (CH55256) Oboe and Piano Lutosławski: EPITAPH FOR OBOE AND PIANO (8382030) Oboe Lutosławski: Fanfare for Los Angeles Philharmonic (11415010) Chamber Music for Mixed  Ensemble Lutosławski: Fanfare for Louisville (11402010) Chamber Music for Mixed  Ensemble Lutosławski: Folk Melodies (6183070) Piano Lutosławski: Four Signals (11398010) Symphonic Works Lutosławski: Four Silesian Melodies For Four Violin (5857999) Violin Lutosławski: FUNERAL MUSIC FOR STRING ORCH.(SCORE) (5600060) Scores Lutosławski: Interlude For Orchestra (9097999) Orchestra Lutosławski: Lullaby for Anne-Sophie (11387010) Violin and Piano Lutosławski: Lutoslawski Album for the Young Piano (CH59287) Piano Lutosławski: Lutoslawski, Witold: Three Children's Songs (CH55119) Choral Music Lutosławski: MINI OVERTURE FOR BASS QUINTET - SCORE AND PARTS (10349010) Chamber Ensemble Lutosławski: Nightfall. Sleep, Do Sleep (11397010) Chamber Music with Voice Lutosławski: ORCHESTRAL STUDIES FOR VIOLIN (8836010) Violin and Piano Lutosławski: PARTITA FOR VIOLIN AND PIANO (8995020) Violin and Piano Lutosławski: RECITATIVO E ARIOSO MS 125 (1293020) Violin and Piano Lutosławski: Sacher Variation for Cello Solo (8194030) Violoncello Lutosławski: Sonata For Piano (10257020) Piano Lutosławski: String Quartet (6609999) String Quartet Lutosławski: String Quartet (6967999) String Quartet Lutosławski: STRING QUARTET - PARTS (6967020) String Quartet Lutosławski: SUBITO FOR VIOLIN AND PIANO (9861010) Violin and Piano Lutosławski: Tarantella (11410010) Voice and piano Lutosławski: The Most Beautiful Lutoslawski (10226030) Piano Lutosławski: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LUTOSŁAWSKI (10226010) Piano Lutosławski: Three Fragments (11412010) Mixed Chamber Duo Lutosławski: THREE PIECES FOR THE YOUNG FOR PIANO (5295040) Piano Lutosławski: TRIO FOR OBOE, CLARINET AND BASSOON (10227020) Chamber Ensemble Lutosławski: Tune For Martin NordWall (11416010) Trumpet Lutosławski: Twelve Folk Melodies Transcription For Guitar (10955010) Guitar Lutosławski: TWO CHILDREN'S SONGS FOR VOICE AND STRING ENS. (7487010) Lutosławski: Two Studies (62060) Piano Lutosławski: TWO STUDIES FOR PIANO (P.62060) Piano Lutosławski: Variations On A Theme By Paganini (9703010) Chamber Music for Percussion Instruments Lutosławski: VARIATIONS ON A THEME BY PAGANINI /2 PIANOS/ (5826060) Two Pianos Lutosławski: Vegetables, Difficult Calculation (11403010) Chamber Music with Voice