Composer: Hovhaness, Alan (10 items)
Hovhaness: Glory to God Op. 124 (EP6350) Vocal: Soprano Hovhaness: Koke No Niwa Op. 181 (EP6237) Oboe and various instruments Hovhaness: Mysterious Mountain (HL50481532) Orchestra Hovhaness: Nocturne Op. 20, No. 1 (EP66026) Harp Hovhaness: Saturn Op. 243 (EP66440) Chamber Music with Voice Hovhaness: Symphony No. 3 Op 148 (EP6110) Orchestra Hovhaness: Three Journeys to a Holy Mountain Op. 223 (Symphony No. 20) (EP66226A) Chamber Music for Mixed  Ensemble Hovhaness: Toccata and Fugue Op.6 (EP6478) Piano Hovhaness: Trio Op. 201 (EP6649) String Trio Hovhaness: Wind Quintet Op. 159 (EP6122) Wind Quintet