Composer: Dove, Jonathan (60 items)
Dove: A Portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi (score) (EP72411A) Dove: A Song of Joys (full score) (EP72063) Dove: A Song of Joys (vocal score) (EP72063A) Dove: Airport Scenes (score) (EP7840) Dove: An Airmail Letter from Mozart (score) (EP7883) Dove: Ariel (EP7667) Vocal: Soprano Dove: Bless the Lord, O My Soul (EP7608) Oratorios Dove: Come, you who are blessed (SATB & organ) (EP72635) Dove: Cut my Shadow for mezzo & piano (EP72161) Dove: Diana and Acteon (study score) (EP72266) Dove: Ecce Beatam Lucem. SATB acc FNCW (057151846X) Mixed Voices and Accompaniment Dove: Figures in the Garden (parts) (0571564348) Wind ensemble Dove: Figures in the Garden (score) (057151619X) Wind ensemble Dove: Five Am'rous Sighs (EP7596) Voice and piano Dove: Flight (EP7511) Opera Vocal Scores Dove: For an Unknown Soldier (EP72606A) Dove: Gloria (EP7935) Dove: I am the Day (EP7559) Oratorios Dove: In Beauty May I Walk (EP7637) Oratorios Dove: Into Thy Hands. SATB unacc FNCW (057151829X) Mixed Voices Dove: L'Augellino Belverde (EP7763) Dove: L'augellino Belverde - Vocal score (EP7763B) Dove: Le Monstre du labyrinth (vocal score) (EP72666E) Dove: Light Dance - Recorder Octet (score) (EP72408) Dove: Mansfield Park (vocal score) (EP72027A) Dove: Missa Brevis (SATB & Organ) (EP71780) Dove: Music for a Lovelorn Lenanshee (Ob-Pf) (EP7638) Dove: Niagara (EP7630) Organ Dove: Our Revels Now Are Ended (full score) (EP7755A) Dove: Out of the Whirlwind (vocal score) (EP72498) Dove: Out of Winter: Songs for Tenor & Piano (EP7703) DOVE: PIANO QUINTET - SCORE & PARTS (EP71936A) Dove: Psalms for Leo (EP72565B) Dove: Ringing Isle, The. Wind band (sc & pts) (0571566103) Symphonic Wind Band Dove: Ringing Isle, The. Wind band (score) (0571566111) Symphonic Wind Band Dove: River Songs (full score) (EP72059) Dove: River Songs (vocal score) (EP72059A) Dove: Run, shepherds, run! (EP7621) Oratorios Dove: Seek Him that Maketh. (0571518281) Mixed Voices and Accompaniment Dove: Seven Angels (vocal score) (EP72048) Dove: Siren Song (full score) (EP7989) Dove: Songs and Arias for soprano (EP7898) Dove: Te deum (EP72592) Dove: Te lucis ante terminum (EP72628) Dove: The Immortal Ship (EP72289) Dove: The Magic Flute Dances (EP7561) Flute and Piano Dove: The Monster in the Maze (vocal score) (EP72666A) Dove: The Passing of the Year (EP7568) Oratorios Dove: The Portsmouth Service (vocal score) (EP72464) Dove: The Star-Song (SATB + Organ) (EP71803) Dove: The Three Kings (EP7607) Oratorios Dove: The Wells Service SSAATTBB (EP72287) Dove: Three Tennyson Songs bass-baritone & Pf (EP72162) Dove: Tobias and the Angel (EP7535) Oratorios Dove: Tuning In (EP7570) Saxophone Dove: Two Sonnets for 12-part choir (EP72183) Dove: Vast Ocean of Light (SATB & Organ) (EP72071) Dove: Was lauert da im Labyrinth? (vocal sc.) (EP72666C) Dove: Wellcome, all Wonders (0571519059) Mixed Voices Dove: Who killed Cock Robin? (0571516904) Mixed Voices