Composer: Csemiczky Miklós (26 items)
Csemiczky: Antiphonae No. 1 (12862) String Orchestra Csemiczky: Ave Maria in E (AN025) Mixed Voices Csemiczky: Ave verum corpus (AN015) Mixed Voices Csemiczky: Borjú a réten (12389) Chamber Music with Voice Csemiczky: Cantate Domino (AN026) Upper Voices Csemiczky: Capriccios, Epitaphs and Choral (12637) Wind Quintet Csemiczky: Chinese Church for soprano and violin (12598) Chamber Music with Voice Csemiczky: Commedia senza parole (13246) Chamber Orchestra Csemiczky: Csujogatók (12591) Upper Voices Csemiczky: Da pacem domine (AN018) Mixed Voices Csemiczky: Deus, creator omnium (AN017) Mixed Voices Csemiczky: Előhívó ének (12814) Mixed Voices Csemiczky: Five Trumpet Duos (12895) Trumpet (more) Csemiczky: Húnyt szemmel (12668) Mixed Voices Csemiczky: Laterna magica (12592) Chamber Orchestra Csemiczky: Maqam (12385) Mixed Chamber Duo Csemiczky: One-minute Short Stories (12386) Violoncello Csemiczky: Partita (13532) Bassoon Csemiczky: pas a pas (12813) Symphonic Works Csemiczky: Pater Noster (AN016) Mixed Voices Csemiczky: Sinfonietta (13086) Symphonic Works Csemiczky: Sonata (12387) Violin Csemiczky: String Quartet (12375) String Quartet Csemiczky: Three Choruses for mixed voices (12388) Mixed Voices Csemiczky: Tristis est anima mea (AN081) Mixed Voices Csemiczky: Ünnep (12342) Mixed Voices