Flute Flute and Piano Flutes and Piano Piccolo Piccolo and piano Recorder Recorder (soprano) Recorder (alto) Recorder (tenor) Recorder (bass) Recorder and piano Oboe Oboe and Piano More Oboes and Piano Oboe and Orgue Clarinet Clarinet and Piano More Clarinets and Piano Alto Clarinet Bass-Clarinet English Horn (Cor Anglais) English Horn and piano Tárogató Saxophone Saxophone and piano Saxophone (alto) Saxophone (soprano) Saxophone (tenor) Saxophone (bariton) Bassoon Bassoon and Piano Horn Horn and Piano Horn (alto) and piano Flugelhorn Tenorhorn Tenor horn and piano Trumpet Trumpet and Piano Trombone Trombone and piano Tenor Trombone Tenor Trombone and Piano euphonium and piano Tuba Tuba and Piano Bass-Tuba and piano Baritone and Piano Melody Instrument Melody Instrument and Basso Continuo Two melody instruments and continuo C instrument (with piano) Bb Instrument Bb, Es or C instrument