Komponist: Beethoven, Ludwig van Instrument : Blasinstrumente (10 Artikel)
Beethoven: Adagio (UE18091) Beethoven: Für Elise WoO 59 (UE18088) Beethoven: ROMANZA, PER FLAUTO DOLCE SOPRANO E PIANOFORTE (NR13232900) Beethoven: Serenade for Piano and Flute (Violin) op. 41 (HN0301) Beethoven: Sonata F major op. 17 for Piano and Horn (or Violoncello) (HN0498) Beethoven: Sonate (EP149) Beethoven: The wonderful World of Beethoven (KM3611616) Beethoven: Variations on Folk Songs for Piano and Flute (Violin) ad lib. op. 105 and 107 (HN0716) Beethoven: Zehn Variierte Themen 1 (6331) Beethoven: Zehn Variierte Themen 2 (6564)